Top Financial Professionals Kick-Start 2024 at the LifePro Summit


On Tuesday, February 13th, hundreds of independent financial professionals and strategic partners from across the United States gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach Hotel for The LifePro Summit, our major kick-off event of the year!

Our goal with the Summit is to help and ensure our advisors start the year off right with new ideas and strategies that can be implemented in their business right away!

This event is an expression of our unwavering dedication to fostering the success and growth of our advisors.

It filled us with joy to have the opportunity to unite our community, all in one location, to learn from one another and set the tone for a successful 2024.

We curated a lineup of distinguished speakers, ranging from top industry executives to our esteemed in-house LifePro experts. Our audience, comprising financial advisors, insurance company representatives, and professionals across various sectors, alongside the entire LifePro team, received cutting-edge insights and tools in the realms of life insurance, annuities, asset management, and beyond.

The information was too good not to share, so we put together a quick recap with a few key takeaways from each presenter at The LifePro Summit:

Ben Nevejans President LifePro

2024 LifePro Summit: Investing In Your Legacy!

Ben Nevejans
President, LifePro

The opening presentation at the 2024 LifePro Summit, led by Ben Nevejans, set an electrifying tone for the event. Ben's address emphasized the core theme of investing in the success and legacy of our advisors and their clients. He highlighted the significant achievements of our advisors in 2023, including record-breaking attendance for the live and virtual events LifePro helps manage through our robust event marketing platform. Ben also highlighted the impressive target IUL and annuity sales that were a direct result of our advisors' incredible efforts in 2023. Ben underscored the importance of maintaining client communication through email marketing campaigns to drive IUL and annuity sales, urging attendees to take advantage of the powerhouse library of tools and resources designed to help you stay relevant and top-of-mind with clients. He provided insights into the company's strategies for the upcoming year, expressing a continuous commitment to putting advisors in front of qualfied leads consistently.

If you're interested in learning how to reach more qualified prospects with targeted workshops and webinars, then you aren't going to want to miss our Client Acquisition Webinar at 10 AM PST on Wednesday, March 6th.

Don Blanton Circle of Wealth®

The Financial GPS and Personal Economic Model®​

Don Blanton
Founder, Circle of Wealth®

Don Blanton is the founder and president of MoneyTrax and the Circle of Wealth® system which utilizes state-of-the-art technology to explain solutions to clients and aid in selecting better investments to prevent losses. Don's presentation not only provided practical strategies for financial advisors but also addressed a crucial communication gap in the industry. Don emphasized the challenge of using complex financial terms that may confuse clients, leading to ineffective communication and advice. He advocated for the adoption of visual representation models, such as Circle of Wealth®'s Personal Economic Model®, to bridge this gap and enhance client understanding. Additionally, Don introduced the new 2024 Financial GPS tool, offering advisors a comprehensive approach to guide clients through their financial journey.

Click here to get started with the Circle of Wealth® system and use this incredible software with clients to simplify your explanation of how the market works!

Grace Barnard, NIW Companies, Inc.

The Power of Kai-Zen®, ilia®, and the Greatest Wealth Transfer​

Grace Barnard
President and Co-Founder, NIW Companies, Inc.

Grace Barnard's presentation provided invaluable insights into the power of Kai-Zen, ilia®, and the impending wealth transfer. As President & Co-Founder of NIW Companies, Inc., Grace delved into the importance of focusing on positivity amid challenging times, highlighting the potential of technology to address financial concerns efficiently. She introduced Kai-Zen, NIW's innovative solution, which combines leverage with life insurance to offer superior benefits compared to traditional financial products. Grace emphasized the need for effective communication to ensure clients understand the value proposition of Kai-Zen, particularly in terms of potential growth, protection, and tax advantages. Through ilia®, an interactive learning information assistant powered by AI, Grace demonstrated how advisors can leverage technology to enhance client engagement and streamline processes. She emphasized the importance of partnering with preferred providers to access comprehensive support and education on Kai-Zen. Grace's presentation underscored the transformative potential of Kai-Zen in navigating the complexities of financial planning and maximizing wealth accumulation for clients.

Grab prospects' attention faster by using Kai-Zen and the power of leverage to provide more benefits to a wider pool of high-net-worth individuals. Click here to request access to ilia®.

Rob Reaburn LifePro Asset Management

Economic Update and LifePro​ Asset Management’s Approach​

Rob Reaburn
Head of Wealth Management, LifePro Asset Management

Rob Reaburn delivered a comprehensive economic update and outlined LifePro Asset Management's approach in navigating market uncertainties. Rob addressed the emotional impact of market volatility, emphasizing the importance of advisors in guiding clients through unpredictable times. He provided insights into the current economic landscape and offered a framework for the year ahead, highlighting shifts in market dynamics and investment opportunities. Rob underscored the significance of distinguishing rhetoric from reality and identified major themes driving market trends, including interest rates, market valuations, and investment bubbles. Additionally, Rob introduced the LPAM Managed Risk Platform, a turnkey solution for passive investing that aims to provide operational flexibility and mitigate investment risks.

Join us at the virtual LifePro Asset Management Academy at 10 AM PST on Thursday, April 4th to discover innovative approaches to navigating today's volatile markets and elevate your expertise to boost your assets under management.

Allee Marchini Senior Marketing Coordinator

The #1 Marketing Strategy Shared by Top Advisors​

Allee Marchini
Senior Marketing Coordinator, LifePro Financial

Allee Marchini, the head of LifePro's Marketing team, delved into the critical role of marketing in driving business success, particularly in the digital landscape. Highlighting substantial growth opportunities in digital marketing, Marchini emphasized the strategies employed by top advisors earning $250,000+, which includes LifePro's proprietary and proven signature presentations ranging from topics like college planning, annuities, taxes, and more. Central to this discussion was LifePro's event marketing platform, hailed as one of the best lead-generation systems in the country. By leveraging this platform, advisors can reduce marketing costs by 50% while achieving superior results in lead generation, appointment setting, and client acquisition.

Dave Julian, Director of Operations

Elevate Your Strategies With Powerful Proprietary Software

Dave Julian
Director of Operations, LifePro Financial

During his presentation, Dave Julian explored strategies to enhance advisors' approaches through proprietary software. He identified two primary challenges: generating leads and navigating the complex sales cycle for life insurance and annuities. Julian introduced five resources tailored to address these challenges. These tools included the Test Drive Annuity and Test Drive IUL calculators, educational email campaigns, the NEW College Funding Report, IUL and Annuity reports, and advisor and client portals, which can be used to engage clients more effectively. By leveraging these resources, advisors can streamline their marketing efforts and drive business growth in the competitive financial services landscape.

It's important to maintain consistent client communication throughout the year. Click here to express interest in our next client-friendly email campaign that will show clients a snapshot of an illustrated annuity's performance over time using our NEW "Test Drive an Annuity" Calculator.

Noelle Pikus Pace Olympian and World Champion

Where You Look Is Where You Go!

Noelle Pikus Pace
2X Olympian, World Champion, Motivational Speaker & Author

Noelle Pikus Pace took the LifePro stage for the first time to share her extraordinary journey of resilience and triumph. From her humble beginnings in Utah to becoming a two-time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist, Noelle's story captivated the audience. Despite facing daunting challenges, including a career-threatening injury just months before the 2006 Olympics, Noelle's unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of her goals served as a beacon of inspiration for all. Through her engaging presentation, she imparted invaluable wisdom, emphasizing the transformative power of setting specific daily goals and maintaining a positive mindset, even in the face of adversity.

Noelle's message resonated deeply with attendees as she shared personal anecdotes and powerful insights, encouraging them to overcome doubts and fears, and embrace a process-driven approach to success.

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