Impaired Risk

Confidently Address Any Health Issues


the ability to explore all of the opportunities within a case that has a treated impairment

Impaired Risk Underwriting Life Insurance, LifePro

You've gone through several meetings with a client, they finally decide to move forward on the policy and then you discover that they have a health issue which then puts the entire sales process on halt.

With so many health issues out there, it's tough for you to become an expert in every one of them and be expected to address these issues with your client. This is where the impaired risk division picks up and takes charge.

The impaired risk team has spent 10+ years in the insurance industry with a focus on medical impairments. Throughout those years, they have built close relationships with senior underwriting executives and know exactly where to go when it comes to a specific health issue. And they do so with just a simple application and preliminary information that you supply them in the case development stage.

Handling some of the most popular health issues - such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer - all the way to the uncommon issues, they have overcome these obstacles and deliver you with the most accurate quotes that you can receive for the specified health issue.

Highlights of the Impaired Risk Division:

  • Close relationships with senior underwriting executives
  • Successful experience administering applications with health issues
  •  Explore all carrier opportunities as impairments are treated differently 
  • Order all exams and medical records
  • Clearly present you with the findings and generate a consumer-friendly report

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