A Happy Attitude and a Will to Help

The first point of contact to help accommodate your needs and get you to the right person

Best IMO Life Insurance and Annuity, LifePro

"It's a great day at LifePro!" 

Those are the first words you will hear when you call into the LifePro office...and it's not done by a machine.

When you're calling in, we understand that no matter what the cause may be at that time, the ultimate reason for that call is to build your business. With that understanding, it's our commitment to always have a happy attitude and a willingness to help. It's important for you to be placed with the appropriate person for the particular situation.

But operating the phone lines is just one of the many responsibilities of the administrative team. When attending industry events, there are lots of things to consider. Where will you stay? What are your itinerary options? How will transportation work? The team coordinates everything you need so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. 

 "We genuinely want our advisors to be happy that they're doing business with us. There are lots of claims and promises from marketing organizations alike, but what we provide are real solutions - with real people."Joey A.Executive Assistant

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