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A Personal Concierge Support System

Your dedicated business coach to provide honest opinions and industry knowledge

Business Coaching for Financial Advisors, LifePro

When you're out meeting new people and setting appointments, you'll come across many different types of situations. You will want an internal resource that understands what your strengths and weaknesses are and be able to structure a plan as to how you should move forward in the process.

Rather than investing our time in recruiting, we dedicate complete support in the sales arena. We do so because we would rather build advisors to their very best potential as opposed to continuously turning advisors over and over again selling a certain product.

As your preferred partner, you'll be rewarded with a dedicated member of our Field Support team. This person is your point of contact. Your go-to companion. 

Consider them your own employee that reports to you and works with you all throughout the week to generate more activity and help you close business. While LifePro has numerous divisions within their company, this Field Support Representative (FSR) will be the person you work with that guides you to resolve any issues and get you over to the right person.

Your FSR has their own internal team which will also help support you in case of any absence. The teams meet weekly and discuss what the status is on their advisors so everyone is informed and held accountable. These teams are created to give you the highest level of sales support.

"Thanks for all your help! Your expertise saves me a great deal of time and helps enhance my image with my clients, i.e. that I have an experienced and professional team supporting me that's independent of the insurance companies." 
Mark K.California

Their coaching goes above the traditional standards. With a wide range of knowledge in the insurance industry, you'll be empowered with the confidence to discuss these concepts and products to your best clients. And the knowledge that is shared with you is focused around what's in the best interest for the client. No single products are pitched. You can expect honest opinions and multiple options to be considered.

The Three Essential Areas of Field Support:

  Business Plan Development

A necessary component of a successful practice is to have a business plan. Your dedicated FSR will work with you and develop a business plan that focuses on setting a goal and working on how to achieve that goal such as your value proposition, market assumptions and closing ratios.

Throughout the year, you'll work with your FSR as they monitor progress and keep everyone accountable for their activities. There will be milestones along the way to review status and make any alterations to the plan if necessary.

By working with your FSR on developing a business plan, it gives you a clear path to success and outlines the steps needed to grow your business.

  Appointment Mentor

The appointment process could be quite literally the most important process of them all. How should you approach a prospect? What should the first appointment entail? How should you best approach the follow up?

FSRs are your appointment mentors. All throughout the process - whether it's before the appointment or in the appointment at that time - you can depend upon your FSR to be there to guide you along the way and help close the sale.

Regularly working with elite advisors, your FSR is trained on the precise tactics to help you with your appointment. Rely on them because they are your source for all of the product knowledge and industry news needed to further grow your life insurance and annuites business.

  Continual Training & Coaching

The key to sustaining a prosperous business is to stay educated and remain the expert in your field.

LifePro conducts events throughout the year on a broad range of concepts including college planning, tax free retirement, self-financed insurance and much more. Your FSR will inform you of all event opportunities that they see would be a good fit for you. 

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