Bonus Program

Earn Up to 25% Extra Commission

a higher level of production deserves a higher level of bonus incentives

With the support we provide for you and independent financial professionals alike, we hope that you find our services to be of value enough in and of itself. However, the amount of production you generate - along with the potential to have a long and prosperous partnership with LifePro - is very appealing for us to go above and beyond the typical sales commission you would normally receive elsewhere. With this understanding, the outcome is our very rewarding bonus program that we have carefully designed to provide you a higher level of incentives for your higher level of activity.

As you do more production, the incentive to provide you more money is greater. The internal margins are stretched extremely thin so that we can offer you an outstanding bonus program that we regularly promote with complete transparency.

Here are the bonus levels:

CPC (Commissionable Premium Credit) Bonus
$25,000  LPG Qualification
 $50,000  5% Marketing Reimbursement + 5% Bonus
 $100,000  10%
 $150,000  15%
 $200,000  20%
 $1,000,000  25%

1. CPC equals the LPG commission schedule product percentage on annuity and life business.
2. All 1st year commissionable premium is credited towards CPC in the calendar year in which it was paid.
3. Bonuses are paid incrementally on all business in each qualifying bonus level, not retroactively on the highest level achieved.
4. Bonus levels reset on an annual basis at the beginning of each calendar year.
5. CPC derived from Allianz Preferred premium does not count towards bonuses.

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