Top 5% Advisor

Reap the Rewards for Being an Elite Advisor

A Highly exclusive program designed to support independent million dollar round table advisors

The financial services industry is filled with thousands of advisors with varying levels of success and commitment capability.  What an elite advisor requires and expects out of an IMO may be very different from what an advisor just starting out in the business may need.

With this in mind, we have created a highly exclusive program called LifePro Elite; for the advisor who's in the top 5% of the industry.

Your business is valued as a true partnership. With the limited time you have due to your busy work schedule, you walk right up to the front of the line as we give you Elite access to your personal concierge (Field Support Representative), advanced market case design team, case management personnel and an in-house underwriter.

The time given between resolving an issue or answering your question, could make or break a huge case. Every team member is educated on the importance of this relationship and makes sure to follow through with everything we promise for an elite advisor.

As a LifePro Elite Member, You Receive:

  • Up to 25% additional compensation
  • Elite access to personal concierge support
  • Personalized web page
  • Free policy audit service: ReProject
  • Free annual review service
  • Personalized marketing materials
  • Aggregated MDRT qualification and reporting
  • Goal tracking
  • Advance market case design within 24 hours
  • In-house underwriting and case managing
  • Contest trips
  • And much more!

Highlights of Top 5% Advisor Program:

  Unlimited Capabilities & Possibilities

Much like your clients, every situation is different for our elite advisors and we make sure to personalize all operations for them. Whether you require reports to be run weekly or need an additional feature within your MyLifePro CRM system, the capabilities and possibilities are endless.

If there is an easier and more efficient way that helps you grow your business, we'll work together to make it happen. Some examples of previous custom work we have provided for our elite advisors have been client forms that are electronic so operations can be done quickly and smoothly. Those forms have streamlined the sales process, heightened professionalism due to custom brand work and are made accessible to you via your MyLifePro portal.

Other initiatives have included complete customization of the CRM system so that you are able to view notes on each case and view the activity from the referrals you have given.

  24/7 Full Access Engagement

Your doors don't close at 5pm. Given your high activity in producing extraordinary levels of sales, we partner with you to deliver and close the sales at any given time.

You'll be given full access to your personal concierge support system on all communication platforms: email, telephone and mobile. If there is ever a time needed where you need to interact with upper level management for critical issues, the doors are always open as you are of the highest importance for the sustainability of our partnership.  

  Target Premium Requirements

  • $250,000 of target premium
  • Regardless of carrier and/or product with LifePro Financial Services
  • Must be on a run rate to achieve your commitment within 60 days

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