Licensing Support

Streamline the Operations of Getting Appointed

A dedicated support team to facilitate and speed up the appointment process

Get Appointed With Life Insurance and Annuity Companies

We're certain the process of getting appointed with an insurance carrier has never really been one of the most favorite things about your profession.

Typically, you're stuck filling out multiple forms for one carrier - and when you decide to get appointed with another one - you're left spending even more time filling out the same basic information you had previously done! 

With the establishment of a single repository system at LifePro, getting appointed has never been simpler. The easy-to-use application allows you to input your information once and submit it to as many insurance carriers as you wish. In just 10-15 minutes, you will have completed your application for getting appointed.

But it's not just the system we have in place that makes this appointment process unique. That's only the first step. Once the application has been submitted, there is a waiting period that takes place. Depending on your situation, the overall approval can take weeks. Sometimes, months.

 "I like to take this time to say thank you for all your hard work assisting me in my approval process. I feel that with all your hard work, I'm assured much success. It's not often you met people you haven't personally met, yet that go the extra mile. With that being said, I've just became a new team player of Lifepro!"Robert S.Financial Advisor

With a dedicated support staff, you'll have a team of individuals watching your application all throughout the appointment process to make sure that it's being handled as quickly as possible. Also, this improves your chances of getting appointed tremendously as they review your application to make sure it is the most complete package to present to insurance carriers.

And if you have any background issues, do not worry. The licensing and contracting department is specialized in all of the insurance carriers' background requirements and they will assist you in presenting any of your matters in the most complete fashion to greatly improve your chances of getting approved.

Highlights of the Licensing & Contracting Division:

  • Close relationships with high authorities at the management level
  • Successful experience administering applications with background issues
  • Complete the application profile in about 8 minutes and seamlessly obtain or renew state licenses
  • Integration with multiple E&O insurance providers that offer you deeply discounted rates
  •  Easily take any carrier required product training with automatic notifications