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Fiercely Determined to Work for You

working for the extraordinary success of our advisors, our employees and our insurance company partners


To independent financial professionals, LifePro is a partner that provides 24-hour support, cutting-edge sales strategies and systems, premier industry education and a community environment where independent does not mean alone.

To insurance and annuity carriers, we are an IMO that brings integrity and strong values to their sales forces. They know that the business done through LifePro is clean, necessary and sold with the clients utmost interest in mind. By having the respect and admiration of the nation's most dominant companies, not only does LifePro carry a great deal of clout, but we often sit at the table during important policy making decisions.

To Broker/Dealers and Institutional Markets, LifePro is a solid partner whose open, honest approach coupled with their unmatched capabilities serve to make their own offering much stronger. They know that LifePro's core belief that "together we are better" drives massive amounts of revenue to their bottom line.

 "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry FordFounder of Ford Motor Company

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  Sales Support

The marketing division never stops creating marketing systems for our advisors. Review all of the marketing systems below and check back for continual updates on new programs and offerings:

  Case Development

From the early stages of identifying the needs of your clients and building a comprehensive plan that is in their best interest, all the way to managing the case through the second sales cycle of getting it placed, we're here for you :


The operations division is set up to help you run your business effectively and efficiently on a day-to-day basis. We make sure that any of your issues are resolved and help you get accurately paid on time:

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