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How to Get Appointed with LifePro

Step 1 - Gather items needed to get started

Required documents Optional documents

Step 2 - Submit online appointment request(s) through SureLC

Watch the training video below for an easy step-by-step process of getting appointed!

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Step 3 - Continuing Education

Many companies require state-specific CE training to be completed prior to being able to offer their products. We utilize for our CE trainings which provides a convenient online platform to complete your trainings.

If you need to complete state-specific training please select your state and type of training below to get started:

Step 4 - Anti-Money Laundering

Most top companies require that AML be completed through the LIMRA system at least ONCE every two years. Has your LIMRA been completed recently? If so, is it up to date and are the appropriate carriers selected to receive notification of your completion?

If you have already completed LIMRA AML training and just need to log to make sure refresher courses have been completed, (any course that appear in red must be completed to be AML compliant) or to select additional carriers, please log in here:

If you need to complete LIMRA for the first time:
  1. Please visit
  2. Register as a new user if you have never completed AML through LIMRA before. Please make sure you record the username and password you set up.
  3. When asked which carriers you want the information reported to, be sure that any company that you’re appointing with/plan to appoint with is selected.
  4. Go through each section. Take the mini-test at the end.
  5. When through, it is a good idea to print out a screen shot that proves you've taken the training. All insurance companies you select will receive a report that you’ve taken the training, but it is good to have proof to back that up. Click here for instructions how to generate your AML certificate through your Sure LC Profile. Email screen shots to LifePro at or fax to our attention at 858-630-3237. Please let us know if you have any difficulty printing or emailing the screen shots, they can be a little tricky sometimes.
  6. Your LIMRA courses are up to date if they all show “Completed” status, and not “Not Started” status.
  7. Please make sure all of the companies under the “Company Pages” section are in “Viewed” status instead of “Not Started” status. You can turn them to Viewed by clicking on each.

Please let us know when you’ve completed AML and pass us a copy of your screen shot via email ( or fax to (858) 630-3237. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have. You may also contact LIMRA’s help line at (866) 364-2380 or email them at

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I don’t have void check copies to set up direct deposit of commissions (EFT) at the carriers?

Carriers do not accept starter checks (those with a check number of below 100 and/or without your pre-printed information) for setup of direct deposit for a producer’s commissions. If you do not carry checks you may request of your bank the following:
  • Document on bank letterhead
  • Signed by bank personnel
  • Must verify the existence of your account and show your name, routing number and account number

What Continuing Education or “CE” provider is recommended?

What Continuing Education (CE) do I need to write annuities?

Almost every state has an annuity CE requirement that must be completed before a producer can submit a dated and signed new business application. If the proper training is not completed before the date a client signs the application, the carrier will reject the application. Most states require a base course and subsequent ongoing course completion once every license term or 2-year period. Please refer to Step 3 on LifePro’s “Get Appointed” site or your state’s department of insurance for further information.

What CE do I need to write Long Term Care or “LTC” business, or to write an application that has a Long Term Care Rider accompanying it?

Almost every state has a LTC CE requirement that must be completed before a producer can submit a dated and signed new business application. Most states require a base course and subsequent ongoing course completion once every license term or 2-year period. Please refer to Step 3 on LifePro’s “Get Appointed” site or your state’s department of insurance for further information.

Please note that several insurance carriers require that the Accident & Health line be present and in active status on a producer’s insurance license in order for them to be in compliance for LTC business and/or LTC rider.

Which Anti-Money Laundering provider do you suggest?

We recommend LIMRA for Anti-Money Laundering or “AML.” LIMRA is the most widely-accepted by the insurance carriers and provides an electronic feed to each of your completion. Please see Step 4 on LifePro’s “Get Appointed” site for further instructions.

I already have a Sure LC account that I established through another IMO. Do I need to recreate one through LifePro?

Yes, you will need to create another account using LifePro’s specific agency link: The “326” at the end of the URL is LifePro’s agency account code. You may use your same email address to sign up but will need to create a different password. Luckily, most of your information will transfer over from your other account to the new account that you created specifically for your LifePro appointment profile, so you won’t have to completely start from scratch. Please refer to Step 2 on LifePro’s “Get Appointed” site for further instructions.

I can’t select carriers in Sure LC. What am I doing wrong?

There are several reasons that prevent someone from selecting carriers in Sure LC. Oftentimes it can be a missing signature page (that will plant your digital signature onto all of the electronic paperwork). Most of the time one of the “tabs” within the “My Info” button is requiring attention (any tabs at the bottom that show with a red “!” exclamation point instead of a green checkmark are not compliant. Your best bet is to go through each one by one and look for any boxes or radio buttons showing in red. Please call us for additional assistance at 888-LIFEPRO.

I don’t have Errors & Omissions or “E&O” coverage. Can I acquire that through LifePro?

Errors & Omissions coverage is required to appoint with 90% of LifePro carriers. LifePro offers E&O through our exclusive Producer Group program. Please review Step 1 on LifePro’s “Get Appointed” site for further details regarding E&O and many other included benefits within the LPG program.

How do I set up my appointments so that my commissions are paid to my Tax ID?

You must hold both a corporate LIFE insurance license and an individual LIFE insurance license in the state where the business is going to be written. Please see Other Useful Links section on LifePro’s “Get Appointed” site for assistance with applying for a corporate resident or nonresident insurance license.

I am unable to connect to the Sure LC Server. What should I do?

Please visit this link for workaround instructions if you’re experiencing server issues:

I’m having trouble accessing Sure LC servers on my Mac Operating System.

Please visit this link for instructions on how to enable cookies for Sure LC on a Mac:

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