Production Summary

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Production Summary

Paid CPC YTD : $3 - View Details Here
0.01 %
MDRT Qualification : $0
0.00 %
Hawaii Qualification : $3
0.00 %

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Quarterly Analysis

Your annual goal is $50,000 which translates to $12,500 per quarter.

Annual Goal: $50,000
Current Production: $3
0.01 %
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Paid Production by Business Type

Paid Production by Carrier

*For this section numbers are based on rolling 365 day statistics.

YTD Contest Update

Production 1st Goal Status
CPC $3 $50,000 Not on Pace
MDRT  $0 $92,000 Not on Pace
Hawaii $3 $250,000 Not on Pace

YTD Production Stats

Apps Annualized Premium* Pace Growth Rate
Submitted 2 $2 37.50 %
Paid 2 $3 650.00 %
Pending 1 $1 N/A
*For this section annuity premiums are multiplied by the commission percent of the annuity at the LifePro Producers Group level.

LifePro Investment

Live Events Attended
Online Events Attended
Illustrations Ran
Phone Stats calls for hrs.
*For this section numbers are based on rolling 365 day statistics.

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