Event Emails

A few notes:
  • For RSVP emails the "Days" field is the number of days before the event. For attendees and non-attendees the days is the number of days after the event and for the long term nurture emails that's the number of days since the long term nurture has started (the long term nurture starts a few days after the final email to attendees and non-attendees.
  • These campaigns automatically stop when there is a requested appointment marked in our system, an illustration ran, a policy submitted or if the client unsubscribes
  • Anywhere that you see text in brackets [like this] is a variable that we are loading as the email sends. Unfortunately, for these previews we're not able to put in all the variables and that includes some of the variables that are in the links. To see actual tests of these emails we recommend to RSVP for your webinar with a different email address and check it out there.