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All of your LifePro contracts can now be completed through a system called SureLC in under 10 minutes! To get started, you want to click on the first link to create/log in to your contracting account!

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 Advisor User Guide - Web Version

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Watch the training video to the right for an easy step-by-step process of getting appointed! 

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Important Things to Consider:

 What Do I Need to Get Started?

  1. Copies of all the necessary documents
    1. Licenses
    2. Voided check for direct deposit
    3. E&O Coverage - if applicable
  2. Access to a computer
  3. 10 minutes

Only you can change and submit your information. Once you have completed the contracting questions, agreed to terms, and submitted a request for contract, LifePro will begin review of your information. After one of your contracts have been processed by LifePro, you will have the ability to print your forms for your records.

Click the "View Contract Requests" and select the carrier you would like to print forms for. Click on "Work with a Single Carrier Contract Request" and use the gray "Print Forms" button at the top left-hand corner of each document

*All information collected during your interview is protected both online and off-line by LifePro and SureLC.

 Anti-Money Laundering Information

Most top companies require that AML be completed through the LIMRA system at least ONCE every two years. Has your LIMRA been completed recently? If so, is it up to date and are the appropriate carriers selected to receive notification of your completion?

If you have already completed LIMRA AML training and just need to log to make sure refresher courses have been completed, (any course that appear in red must be completed to be AML compliant) or to select additional carriers, please log in here:

If you need to complete LIMRA for the first time:

  1. Please visit
  2. Register as a new user if you have never completed AML through LIMRA before. Please make sure you record the username and password you set up.
  3. When asked which carriers you want the information reported to, be sure that any company that you’re appointing with/plan to appoint with is selected.
  4. Go through each section. Take the mini-test at the end.
  5. When through, it is a good idea to print out a screen shot that proves you've taken the training. All insurance companies you select will receive a report that you’ve taken the training, but it is good to have proof to back that up. Please Click Here to view an example of another agent’s screen shot. Email screen shots to LifePro at or fax to our attention at 858-630-3237. Please let us know if you have any difficulty printing or emailing the screen shots, they can be a little tricky sometimes.
  6. Your LIMRA courses are up to date if they all show “Completed” status, and not “Not Started” status.
  7. Please make sure all of the companies under the “Company Pages” section are in “Viewed” status instead of “Not Started” status. You can turn them to Viewed by clicking on each.

Please let us know when you’ve completed AML and pass us a copy of your screen shot via email ( or fax to my attention at (858)630-3237. I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. You may also contact LIMRA’s help line at (866) 364-2380 or email them at

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The Contracting Division has its own dedicated fax number for you: 858-630-3237!

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