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If you are in the IUL marketplace, then you hear it all the time—indexed universal life policies will never come true. The criticisms are usually the same. That the illustrations and projections are unrealistic and so unbelievable that they can’t possibly come true. They say caps and participation rates will be reduced and the client will end up unhappy. One can easily argue truth to these statements because an illustration can be manipulated in all sorts of ways to over promise performance.

Many years ago, our company founder Bill Zimmerman was tired of hearing these criticisms because he knew from his personal experience that IUL policies would perform. He set out on a mission to prove this to our advisors and their clients, and over the last 15 years, and tens of thousands of IUL policies later, we have found that if an advisor follows three simple rules, then the IUL illustrations should come true.

With Bill’s mission in mind we designed and created a system to illustrate policy performance in an easy-to-digest format

We have an entire library dedicated to IUL success stories. We’ve run annual policy review reports on most of our active IUL contracts that were written over the last twelve years. We have run a total of 14,842 of these reports, which are then sent to our advisors automatically.

Every week we see examples of policies that are performing as planned, but also policies that are not performing as expected. We have found that in almost every case where there is an underperforming policy, one or more of the three rules were not followed.

We have many IUL stories to share at You’ll be able to see successful policies that followed these rules, and policies that have fallen behind because they didn’t follow the rules. With this knowledge as a guide to follow you could have these same success stories that our advisors do.

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