Episode #209: Bonds vs. Indexed Annuity: Where to Allocate as Interest Rates Rise


In a time where interest rates are at an all-time low, are owning bonds and bond funds a wise investment asset to reduce portfolio risk? Knowing that interest rates will eventually rise in the future, existing bonds will experience significant losses. We believe that balancing your portfolio with not only stocks but also fixed indexed annuity contracts would accomplish the same goals that a bond would.

In this week’s episode of Money Script Monday, Kyle analyzes the benefits of reducing your bond exposure while providing alternative investments to protect your capital once interest rates begin to rise.

Resources Provided for This Episode

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About Kyle Tomko

Kyle Tomko is a Field Support Representative at LifePro. He coaches hundreds of financial professionals on how to build effective financial strategies that achieve their clients' long term goals and helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends.


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