Episode #132: 3 Steps to Scale Your Business Through Speaking & Winning Stages

Episode #132: 3 Steps to Scale Your Business Through Speaking & Winning Stages

Is 2020 starting off the way you wanted it to? Have you been struggling to grow your business? Are you looking for a systematic approach to build your audience and generate leads? LifePro wants to help ensure you find the solution to all of these questions, which is why we invited the Stage Whisperer, Pete Vargas to be our Keynote speaker for this year's LifePro Summit.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Sal explains how to leverage the power of stages by crafting your signature message, maximizing your offer, and delivering your best presentation yet.


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Video transcription

Hello. My name is Sal Mendoza and welcome back to Money Script Monday.

Today, we're going to be talking about the 3 steps to scale your business through speaking, and winning stages.

Let's get started by a quick story. And this story takes back in Colorado, the great State of Colorado.


About 17 years ago, there was this young man and he wanted to be a youth pastor.

His main responsibility is to bring in speakers and information so that he could help provide new information to these young children. And, at the time, he only had three children.

He started to bring in the local police officer, the local chief firefighter, some PTA members, mothers, fathers.

There were two things that started to happen. The first thing is he started to learn that they weren't obviously professional speakers, but they all had a great message.

So, he started to write down what worked and what didn't work.

The other thing that was happening is that the message, regardless, is that the audience, which were the children, started to grow.

And these 3 turned into 30, the 30 turned into 125, the 125 grew into 250. And all of a sudden, he was at capacity.

He went to the church, he went to the community. They raised a million dollars and they built this beautiful state-of-the-art auditorium.

He continued bringing in great speakers. But he started bringing speakers outside of the community.

One of those speakers would eventually, not only change his life, but he would also impact the speaker's life as well too.

Because he didn't know at the time, okay, is that he would today be called a stage whisperer. He's been coaching speakers on stages for the last 17 years.

And so, who is that person?

His name is Peter Vargas. And Peter Vargas is going to be our main platform speaker at Summit 2020 on February the 19th here in San Diego.

We're super excited to have him.

3-Step Process

More importantly, is what did he build? What he built is an incredible 3-step process.

It starts off with these signature talks. So what is your signature talk?

And then moves in to deliver an amazing presentation. And then finally, what is that deliverable? How do you maximize your offer?

Elements of a Story

Let's start off with this incredible signature talk because I've never heard of anyone really put it that way.

And it's so simple.

Signature Talk

It's four different stages. It's your heart, it's your head, it's your hands, back to your heart.

Let's start off with the heart.

The heart is the incredible story that you first tell that really adds that stickiness that connects you to the audience.

And then, as you walk your way into the head, that's really the body. That's the information. That's the graph. That's the report. That's the real, true message of your incredible presentation.

And then, finally what's going to happen, it's going to walk to your hands.

What is it about your message that's going to make clients really decide like, "Hey, I really need to see the speaker after this.”

“I need to fill out this piece of paper with my information, with my email, with my phone number when they can get a hold of me.

“This is so good that I actually have to do this this time, something that I have been kicking around for a year, or two, or seven years.”

“And now, today, I'm actually going to get serious about this because the story just made a lot of sense to me."

That is part of the signature talk. And then, finally wrapping that up, giving it an emotional story to wrap the whole thing together.

The heart, the head, the hands, and then back to the heart. That's the first phase of the three-step process.

Deliver an Amazing Presentation

The next phase is "Deliver an amazing presentation."

How important is this? It's about the details. So, earlier, I kind of explained that he brought in a lot of speakers, first the community, then outside.

He would write down all the details of all the things that worked and didn't work. And that's how he built this process.

It's all the little stuff. It's about the lights. It's about the audio. It's about knowing how big your stage is.

It's about knowing how many aisles that you can actually either walk down or if you're just going to sit on the stage and get that power stance.

How do you use your hands? Sometimes you see speakers and they're moving their hands and they have one of those laser things or a pen.

They're moving their hands and really making sure that, you know what? You're concentrating. You put that at home-based using different techniques.

The spider on the glass or the clasp or having one hand in your pocket.

If it is a big enough room, how are you going to use that stage?

For instance, when he had 750 people those speakers were allowed to use the entire stage.

So, they were going to move to the left of the stage and address the left side of the audience, just making sure that you're always looking at all the audience.

Then getting into your power stance, addressing them.

And if you're going to walk your other way making sure you don't look down, look up, or more importantly, look on the board or your slides, making sure you're addressing everyone, getting into your power stance again, then go ahead and giving that particular section of the presentation.

Then, of course, walking back to what they call the middle of the aisle, making sure that you have your power stance and your hands in place and giving that incredible presentation.

Or how about at the end of the presentation? That's where people ask questions.

Someone would ask a question on this side. They would address it to them and only to them, like they're only talking to them.

We are not here to make anyone a professional speaker. But we want to give you the tools to be a really proficient speaker.

So, as a presenter, one of the things that you do is, they ask the question, you then repeat the question to the entire audience.

Then you answer the question.

That is really all these little details that he's written down that he's going to be offering you guys at Summit 2020 on February the 19th, which is really, really important.

Maximize Your Offer

And then, finally what does that maximizing your offer look like?

Are you going to give away a podcast? Are you to give away a video? Are you going to give away a book? Are you going to give away a report?

Are you going to offer something for free? What does that look like and how is that going to impact them?

Where they're going to say to themselves, "Wow! You know what? This is so good that something that I've been kicking the can here for the last three, five, seven years.”

“I'm actually going to fill out this appointment card with my name, my phone number, my email address, and the best day that I actually can come and see you."

When you can maximize that offer, subconsciously through the slides, they're going to fill out that card because it was so good.

LifePro Summit 2020

That's what Peter Vargas is going to bring to the table at Summit 2020 on February the 19th.

I'm hoping that everyone who's watching this video clicks on this button below.

register for summit 2020

And, once you click on that, that's going to take you to the Summit information.

Here, you'll see the rest of the speakers. And of course, if you want to reach out to myself another FSR, he can tell you about the rest of the speakers.

But we're super excited to have someone who is known in the industry as the Stage Whisperer, someone who's been focusing on stages for 17 years and we are excited to have him at Summit on February the 19th here in San Diego.

Thank you so much. My name is Sal.

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Sal Mendoza is the Vice President of Field Support at LifePro. He coaches hundreds of financial professionals on how to build effective financial strategies that achieve their clients' long term goals and helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends.


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