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Discover the Precise Blueprint on How to Sell More and Larger Indexed Universal Life Cases

Helping people build, protect, and transfer wealth since 1986, LifePro has seen it all when it comes to selling life insurance. There are certain steps to take with a client, specific words to use to steer the conversation, and an exact formula of materials to present within appointments.

Generate Interest and Capture Leads

Sell the Story of Indexed Universal Life

Turn Leads into Prosperous Clients

I'm Interested!

"You guys make it so easy! From the scripts to the presentation to the automated email follow-up system. I had 105 attendees, 71 buying units, and 30 of those units requested appointments to move forward. Did I mention I have 39 additional prospects on the waiting list?! "

Ron C.


We're bringing together the sharpest minds when it comes to marketing, conversion optimization, presentation delivery, sales skills, and case design. You'll learn straight from the team who crafted the LifePro Wealth Builder selling system and brought it from concept to reality.

Ben Nevejans


Dan Tatulli

Marketing Director

Kevin Nuber

Vice President Field Support

Brian Manderscheid

Vice President Case Design

Gabe Lindemann

Director of College Planning
Senior Field Support Representative

Dave Julian

Statistician, RICP


If you're looking for a product pitch, this Academy is not for you. We have jam-packed two days worth of presentations that focus on one thing: how to grow your business. From how to find prospects all the way to turning them into clients, we'll walk you through the steps needed to place more - and LARGER - IUL cases.


  The Ultimate Client Acquisition Funnel

From beginner to seasoned advisor - we are all looking to get better at what we do - always looking for an edge. We have constructed a system, or funnel, that helps you master selling IUL.

It's the same system Starbucks and McDonald's have used to corner the coffee and hamburger business. It's the same system Amazon uses to dominate ecommerce. We have now taken that system and created one specifically for Indexed Universal Life. We call it the Ultimate Client Acquisition Funnel.

  Live Demonstration of Seminar Presentation

Experience the seminar presentation live as one of our top advisors presents to you as if you were a room full of prospects. Learn how to deliver the full presentation, see what areas to focus on, and observe the psychological tactics given throughout the presentation that deliver a powerful closing that has seen incredible conversion rates.

  Compose the Perfect IUL Presentation with an Emphasis on The Close

Advisors have constantly struggled with communicating Indexed Universal Life to their prospects and clients. Where do you start? How much information do you provide to them?

Speaking, presenting, and selling are not art forms, but rather tangible business skills. This session is designed to provide you with the proper training and practice to clearly communicate the benefits of IUL and provide the prospects with a clear understanding of what it is you want them to do. These skills can be learned, mastered, and perfected...but most of all, REPEATED!

  Connect with Advisors and Meet the Presenters at Dinner Reception

After a day full of learning, we're going to kick back and unwind with a dinner reception. You'll get to network with other like-minded advisors from around the country and speak with the team who developed the extraordinary selling system.


  Redefine Client's Learning Experience to Deliver a More Personal Experience

In a traditional appointment, the advisor is typically the central focus and the primary disseminator of information. Our IUL selling system provides a "flipped" approach, intentionally shifting the conversation into a learner-centered model in which the prospect and advisor explore IUL in greater depth due to previous learnings through online videos.

View the 13 professionally-recorded videos that you will be using to redefine the appointment activities and help speed up the selling process.

  Lead Magnets & Trip Wires to Lead Prospects Down the Marketing Funnel

We will teach you how to drive traffic through tactics like email marketing, seminars, and Facebook Ads, but first, you're going to need a series of offerings, or irresistible bribes, that gives a specific chunk of information to your prospects (consumer guides, e-books, reports, videos, and much more). These offers are what we call Lead Magnets and Trip Wires in which you'll learn in full detail on how to execute a properly structured marketing campaign.

  Automate the Follow-Up System with Targeted Emails Based on Behavior

When it comes to turning a prospect into a client, it's all about the amount of impressions you can make with that person. We'll show you how to leverage automation technology so that you stay in front of them all throughout the year.

Do you need to follow up on a seminar attendee? Or send an appointment confirmation? Or affirm their decision of buying an IUL in the approval stage? Or maybe they are no longer engaged with you. There's no need to dedicate time for these tasks anymore. Allow our automated email service do the work for you.

  The Client Lifecycle TM: A Systematic Approach to Attaining Prosperous Clients

For every stage within The Client Lifecycle, there are a series of actions you need to complete and resources to provide the prospect that will drastically increase your chances of attaining a new client. With scripts for your assistants and flow charts to help your team, you will be trained on everything you need throughout the process to attain new clients and gain quality referrals.


Regular Pricing


In addition to the two days of training you'll receive from our team of experts, your ticket includes a continental breakfast, catered lunch, and snacks for both days as well as a complimentary dinner reception at Ruth's Chris Steak House the night of .

If you happen to register for the event, but are unable to attend, you will need to notify the LifePro Headquarters at least 24 hours prior to the event to obtain a full reimbursement. You may call our offices at (888) 543-3776 for more information.

Qualified Pricing


There are several opportunities for you to attend the event for free. If you meet all qualifications, you'll receive an all expense paid trip including hotel and air accommodations.

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* Ticket price is waived if you can verify $50,000 of eligible commissions paid.
** Hotel accommodation is paid for and ticket price is waived if you can verify $100,000 of eligible commissions paid and commitment to contract with premier insurance carriers through LifePro.
*** Airline & hotel accommodations are paid for and ticket price is waived if you can verify $250,000 of eligible commissions paid and commitment to contract with premier insurance carriers through LifePro.


Don't take our word for it. Listen to what your peers are saying about the LifePro Wealth Builder: IUL Sales Academy. Below are real comments submitted to us from the advisors who sat in on the two-day training.

"You thought of everything with this system and the presentation was one of the most organized presentations I have attended. Truly a turnkey system. My favorite part was learning about the Infusionsoft platform and how I can use that to build my business."

Spencer M.


"This conference was awesome! There is no comparison. Very professional. Better support. Better everything! Glad to partner with LifePro and I am excited that this program has a proven track record and I can implement it right away!"

Bryan F.


"Most of these types of meetings are educational and/or product specific. This was all about developing a partnership to grow my business. It is obvious that a lot of time, energy, and cost went into building this. Great job!"

Todd B.



Experience San Diego. California's second largest city where the blue skies keep watch over 70 miles of majestic coastline and a gentle Mediterranean climate and friendly locals create a welcoming vibe all its own.

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Coming from out of town? If you've booked a ticket to San Diego International Airport, the most efficient way to get to the LifePro Corporate Conference Center is by ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Please click on the links to visit their website.

LifePro Corporate Conference Center Address, the address we will be holding the event at is 11452 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130. Please call our offices at (888) 543-3776 if you have any additional questions or information needed.



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