It’s never been easier to turn a simple conversation about Social Security into a Retirement Planning Sale in one single program.

LifePro has created a turnkey marketing program entitled Social Security Maximization. The remarkable work within this program will not only clearly outline what steps your clients need to take to maximize their social security benefits, but it will also illustrate the shortfall of income and what solutions may be suitable for them. Leverage the discussion of social security and help your clients live a prosperous life!

With our new SSIMax Advisor Package you’ll receive access to all of these materials and tools including any future additions:

  • Client Advertisement
  • Client Printed Marketing Materials
  • Client Presentation
  • Online Marketing
  • Client Video
  • SSI Calculators
  • And Much, Much More!

Here’s What Some of Our Elite Advisors Are Saying:

“This is a mission-driven company…It’s not about just making a lot of money, but it’s to make meaning. And that’s something that Bill Zimmerman [and LifePro] just exude…Personal income this year actually exceeded $4 million…and I attribute 90% of my success to the support, training, and continual guidance that I get from these folks.”
—Paul H., Texas

“LifePro has always given me everything I need to do business…They always look to provide customized solutions that I’m looking for with my clients…it really resonates with my clients that they know the depth we put into the process of finding them the right solution.”
—Ed M., California

“When you’re out there in the field and you’re competing with other companies and other advisors, to have the top knowledge available to dispel the myths and the misinformation out there just puts you in a much more credible position in every situation that you’re dealing with. You can have the confidence that what you’re doing is the right thing for the client and you can evaluate any situation based on the best minds in the business looking at that situation and making a recommendation.”
—Lynn S., Texas

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