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The intent of this report is to show how an Indexed Universal Life policy works. This is not an actual Indexed Universal Life illustration. A personalized illustration can be ran from insurance carrier software. Assumptions made in this report include: premium will be paid to age 65 except for current age 56 to 60 the premium will be paid for 10 years, income will start at age 66 except for current age 56 to 60 the income will start in policy year 11, the Indexed Universal Life assumptions were designed as minimum increasing death benefit and switching to level death benefit when income begins, and the same after tax income is taken from each retirement vehicle until the account runs to $0. Projections and information in this report regarding potential outcomes are hypothetical and are not intended to reflect actual results nor guarantee future results. Results may be more or less favorable due to uncontrollable future data such as investment returns, inflation rates, tax rates and product expenses. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The content of this report is not intended to provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Please consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice. Please review all of the inputs and assumptions made in this report for accuracy.

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