Marketing Reimbursement

Investing In Our Advisors Success


Marketing is not easy, nor is it cheap. The ability to clearly communicate financial solutions provided by the products we offer in today's environment can be time-consuming and impact your bottom line.

As a true partner in this business relationship, we understand that the only way we can be successful is if you’re successful and we want to partner with you on your marketing efforts.

If you are investing in the success of your practice, we want to as well! For each qualified premium credit (QPC) from $50,000-$100,000, we will contribute 5% towards your qualified marketing expenses. Additionally, if it is your first year doing business with LifePro we will contribute 5% on the first $50,000 of QPC as well (available once $50,000 has been earned).

For example, if you had $88,000 QPC in one year, you would have $1,900 available in marketing reimbursement (($88,000 - $50,000) * 5%).

Approved Qualified Marketing Reimbursements:

  •  LifePro Educational Events
  •  MarketPro Expenses
  •  Seminar Expenses
  •  RME 360 Expenses
  •  Direct Response Mail Advertising
  •  Life Insurance and Annuity Lead Costs
  •  Life Insurance and Annuity Planning Software
  •  Circle of Wealth & MoneyTrax Expenses
  •  InsMark Expenses
  •  MDRT and TOT Expenses
  •  College Cost Navigator
  •  CollegePro
  •  Organized Home Office Visits
  •  Social Media & Digital Marketing Direct Response Advertising
  •  Trade Show Exhibiting
  •  Print Advertising

* LifePro reserves the right to subtract from this list at any time. Please consult your Field Support Representative (FSR) to verify that your expenses are reimbursable under this agreement.

* Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of the marketing activity and prior to the next calendar year. Marketing reimbursements do not roll over to subsequent years.

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