COW Training

Continual Training Path to Ensure Advisor Success

Extensive training and support in both understanding the functionality and the proven scripting of circle of wealth

Circle of Wealth COW Training, LifePro Financial Services

MoneyTrax offers extensive training and support for Circle of Wealth®.  Included with the system is a significant amount of training in both understanding the functionality of the dynamic client presentations, and understanding the proven advisor scripting that communicates the impactful lessons on each and every screen.

The Mentor Program is a live, advanced mentor training experience from the MoneyTrax experts. A year long program consisting of quarterly 2-day live training events instructed by MoneyTrax founder Don Blanton, MoneyTrax CEO Mark Guthrie, and accomplished practicing advisors who have mastered the Circle of Wealth® system.

This program is designed to instruct the advisor at the most detailed level the complete Circle of Wealth® system and mentor participants on how to effectively utilize the system in their own practices.

Key Benefits Include:

  • 12-mo subscription to MoneyTrax Online University
  • Bi-weekly, online accountability sessions
  • Mentor Mix CD of COW Tales in MP3 Format
  • MoneyTrax Prospecting Page
  • 24/7 access to submit cases for review & suggestions by Don
  • $500 cash referral for each COW system sale sent in on your Mentor Order Form
  • Opportunity to join the Mentor Alumni group upon Certified Mentor designation

Requirements to Join:

  • Must be a Circle of Wealth® current licensee
  • Must have attended a Basic Training School or completed the Online Study Group program