Episode #325: 6 Key Drivers of Your Client's Happiness in Retirement


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What lies at the core of financial advising? A successful advisor knows it’s not finances, taxes, interest rates, calculations, or any other figure. The core of financial planning is providing security and peace of mind for clients so that you build a trusting and rewarding relationship to help them realize their goals.

While monetary objectives are undeniably a piece of this puzzle, fostering successful client relationships by truly understanding clients and connecting with their dreams and concerns. Discover how to engage with your clients on a level that goes beyond the balance sheet and addresses their aspirations, health, and social well-being as key components of retirement planning.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Sara offers invaluable lessons on connecting with clients' genuine aspirations and fears based on the latest research data of those approaching or currently in retirement.

Resources Provided for This Episode

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About Sara Sullivan

Sara Sullivan is the Licensing and Contracting Manager at LifePro. She works closely with financial professionals to assist in updating their licensing statuses and process advisors' contracts to greatly improve your chances of getting approved.