Episode #324: A Unique Strategy to Recruit and Retain Key Employees


Are you a business owner looking for groundbreaking value offers to recruit, retain, and reward essential employees making a significant impact in your business? In a world where talent retention is more crucial than ever, implementing creative and mutually beneficial solutions can enhance your competitive edge, attract top talent, boost employee satisfaction, retain essential staff, and bolster your company’s financial foundation.

Discover the innovative approach of a split-dollar arrangement with the power to revolutionize your business model for recruiting and retaining key employees by offering your team tax-advantaged growth while providing cost-recovery solutions for your business. A split-dollar arrangement is more than a benefit; it is a partnership that nurtures loyalty and commitment to your company’s success.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Luke outlines the innovative benefits of a split-dollar arrangement for business owners aiming to revolutionize their company’s employee retention and amplify their business’s value, stability, and success.

Resources Provided for This Episode

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About Luke Geller

Luke Geller is a Field Support Representative at LifePro. He coaches hundreds of financial professionals on how to build effective financial strategies that achieve their clients' long term goals and helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends.