Episode #301: How to Avoid 6 Common Mistakes When Presenting Online


This post is intended for financial professional use only.

We’ve all experienced the eye glazing and mind numbing torture of sitting through a bad presentation that makes you feel like you’re waiting for Farris Bueller’s teacher to finish taking attendance. When it’s finally over, you feel momentary relief before realizing that the poor form of the presentation prevented you from taking away anything valuable from the actual content itself.

If you’re expanding your client base with educational webinars on complex financial solutions, your presentation skills need to be polished if you want to actually get your message across and avoid putting your prospects through the experience described above. In this episode of Money Script Monday, Sara offers valuable advice on how to avoid common and detrimental mistakes when presenting online so financial professionals can maximize their success.

Resources Provided for This Episode

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About Sara Sullivan

Sara Sullivan is the Licensing and Contracting Manager at LifePro. She works closely with financial professionals to assist in updating their licensing statuses and process advisors' contracts to greatly improve your chances of getting approved.