Episode #283: How to Keep More Money with Live Events


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In just three short years, the annuity market grew 37% and last year we set a chart-topping record of $285 billion of premium as an industry. This is great news for the industry since it’s a wonderful opportunity for advisors to grow their business and increase their income. But when it comes to hosting the events which drive that growth, are advisors actually profiting from the increase in production?

Once the various expenses involved in that production are factored in, these increases could be meaningless if the income that advisors work to produce don’t actually find their way back to them. Financial advisors know all too well that if someone is making more money, it does not necessarily mean they are able to keep those profits themselves.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Adam provides a new framework for hosting live events that prioritizes the financial advisor so they can keep more of what they make.

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Adam Reyna is a Senior Field Support Representative at LifePro. He coaches hundreds of financial professionals on how to build effective financial strategies that achieve their clients' long term goals and helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends.