Episode #282: Accumulation vs Guaranteed Lifetime Income


Do you know the differences between the accumulation-focused strategy and the guaranteed lifetime income strategy? When it comes to retirement, it is common to feel overwhelmed by all of the options out there. By familiarizing yourself with the different strategies at your disposal and the outcomes of them, you can build your retirement plans to better align with your future goals.

As you consider your financial strategy for retirement, it is helpful to keep important facets of your options in mind such as the role that market conditions play in your account value, the rate of returns, the guarantees, and more depending on your unique situation and goals.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Michael explores the growth rates, liquidity levels, and accumulation values of two common financial strategies for retirement and provides an example case to illustrate their respective outcomes.

Resources Provided for This Episode

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About Michael Clementi

Michael Clementi is a Field Support Representative at LifePro. He coaches hundreds of financial professionals on how to build effective financial strategies that achieve their clients' long term goals and helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends.