Six Reasons Why You Should Hire An Assistant And Invest In Yourself


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It’s 9:00 pm on a Thursday evening, and you’re just wrapping up one of your most triumphant dinner seminars yet. Your speaking game was on fire, your rapport with clients unmatched, and appointment request cards were stacked by your side at the end of the night. After you pack up your gear and make several trips to the car, you survey your room one last time and head for home.

When you finally make it to bed around 11:00, you attempt to sleep but the adrenaline rush of the night simply will not dissipate. On top of that, the Sunday Scaries have come early: You’re still wide awake at 3:30 am, thinking of all that needs to be accomplished the next day. How can you possibly maximize the potential of your event if you’re alone and running on fumes? “The hard part” has begun.

This real-life situation is just one of the many examples that inspired the writing of this article. Within the last several months I’ve received phone calls from too many producers that sound so unbelievably frazzled about things that are going on in their worlds. One of them said, “Gosh I really wish I had an assistant!” Another advisor jokingly said, “Will you please come be my assistant?”

So, that got my mind spinning in a creative direction and I thought about my past almost-20 year career at LifePro, and how the useful tools I’ve learned should be passed on. Not only have I been an executive assistant to two leaders at LifePro, but I’ve also helped with the interview and hiring process over the years. I work daily with the assistants of our top advisors. My experience with how much a rock star assistant can be an asset to your practice is something I don’t want to keep to myself! Without further ado, the following are my recommendations to help galvanize your decision to acquire a top-notch assistant.

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About Sara Sullivan

Sara Sullivan is the Licensing and Contracting Manager at LifePro. She works closely with financial professionals to assist in updating their licensing statuses and process advisors' contracts to greatly improve your chances of getting approved.