Episode #266: How to Build Your Following on LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is the only major social media network that's solely dedicated to the professional world. People use it to find new jobs and new employees, and to connect with their colleagues, clients, and coworkers. Your social media presence, in this case, LinkedIn, might be the first impression a prospect has when they google your name online. It is paramount that you establish this online identity because not only is it free, but it opens the door to hundreds of millions of users that interact with this platform daily, some of whom may be interested in what you have to say and the services that you provide. By posting, reposting, commenting, and connecting, you can start building your virtual network today.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Parker discusses 6 simple yet effective social media strategies that can help you use LinkedIn to bring in consistent leads from this platform.

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About Parker Obert

Parker Obert is a Marketing Coordinator at LifePro. He works with financial professionals on strategic marketing and branding campaigns to deliver relevant and timely content to their community.


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