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Last week on Thursday, September 15th, the LifePro team invited advisors from across the nation to the Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach Resort to host the annual conference LifePro University 2022. We were elated at the opportunity to bring our partners together, under one roof, to share success stories and experiences from the past year. Additionally, we brought the event online and streamed the presentations to our virtual audience via Zoom.

We brought our most talented and renowned speakers to the stage, from industry leaders to our LifePro panel of experts. Our audience of financial advisors, insurance carrier representatives, other industry professionals, and the entire LifePro team were presented with the latest information and tools available right now in the world of life insurance, annuities, assets under management, and more!

We have put together a quick recap and some key takeaways from each presenter at LPU 2022:


Ben Nevejans President LifePro

Welcome to LifePro University

Ben Nevejans
President, LifePro Financial

Kicking off the conference, our President Ben Nevejans welcomed the audience back to our first in-person event of the year. He walked through his origin story at LifePro where he started 23 years ago when there were only 8 employees; our late founder Bill Zimmerman had a vision to continuously grow LifePro to bring on more carriers, more employees, and better opportunities. With that in mind, he addressed the process where the partnership with Simplicity started, where so much was at stake but they aligned with Bill's goal to help as many advisors and their clients as possible. He closed his presentation by giving an overview of LifePro's proprietary reports and the collective amount of business they have helped our advisors achieve this past year.


Van Mueller LUTCF LACP Registered Representative

The Tax-Free Retirement Presentation

Patrick Kelly
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Professional Trainer

Patrick Kelly, our keynote speaker of the conference, brought new perspectives to the LifePro stage and what exciting opportunities Simplicity's partnership with LifePro brings to the table. He took our audience of advisors back a step, showing them why it is not as important to focus on what they sell but instead on why they sell it. Patrick shared that he believes the greatest risk in retirement planning is having proper tax diversification; he showed how the national debt has risen at an exponential rate and the only way for the government to balance this increase in spending is through increasing tax rates. Patrick finished his presentation with a recap of the two types of retirement income, and why retirees should be focusing on moving as much of their assets as possible from the taxable bracket into the tax-free bracket through Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and cash value life insurance policies.


Jimmy Pomerance Founder Impact Speakers

Bringing it Together with Ensight

Nathan Jacobson & David Gruenzner
Executive Vice President and VP of Sales, Life Channel at Simplicity Group

Our guest speakers from LifePro's new parent company, Nathan and David, gave a brief introduction to their professional background and experience acquiring LifePro this year. Nathan describes the logic behind designing the tools that Ensight has developed for advisors and David then takes the stage to show the audience an in-depth tutorial on all the newest features found inside the Ensight platform. This online tool allows advisors and clients to take carrier illustrations and customize the options with fully interactive charts, graphs, and visuals. From choosing different carriers to doing client comparisons, users have full access to see the premium, death benefit, target, and distribution all under one shareable link. As a client's plan changes, advisors have the opportunity to shape their retirement plan along with them and view the results in real-time.


Heather Ulz CEO of LifePro

The LifePro Experience

Heather Ulz
Cheif Executive Officer, LifePro Financial

Heather, our CEO, took to the stage to share her background working with Bill since the early stages of LifePro in 1997. As one of the first four employees, she has played an instrumental part in the growth of the company, especially throughout the recent acquisition by the Simplicity Group. Heather said Bill ate his own cooking and had a few life insurance policies that gave him stability and peace of mind; about 9 years ago, he was diagnosed with ALS, and accessing his living benefits from his policies was instrumental to his well-being during his final years. Bill passed away in August 2021, but LifePro continues to host the annual Bill Z ALS Golf Classic to raise funds to support research to find a cure for this unforgiving disease.LifePro continues to strive to fulfill Bill's vision and work tirelessly for the continued success of our advisors, our employees, and our insurance carrier partners.


Robert Reaburn Managing Director LifePro Asset Management

Economic Update and LifePro Asset Management's Approach

Robert Reaburn
Head of Wealth Management, LifePro Asset Management

Our Head of Wealth Management, Robert, brought an insightful presentation on the current market trends, the economic factors leading to recent market turmoil, and how he is positioning the LifePro Asset Management portfolio to consider where he believes the market is headed next. In this era of uncertainty, he explains why this is no better time to be a financial advisor; clients are looking for a coach to walk them through where they should be putting their money to protect their retirement nest egg. LifePro Asset Management is more than your ordinary RIA; we have a powerhouse team to support our advisors including marketing, financial planning, back office support, and portfolio management. In the golden era of financial planning, we stand behind our three pillars of success: high-performing people, critical technology and tools, perfect education, and implementation and review.


Allee Marchini Senior Marketing Coordinator LifePro Financial

The #1 New-Client Acquisition Program

Allee Marchini
Senior Marketing Coordinator, LifePro Financial

Allee, the head of LifePro's Marketing team, showcased LifePro's proprietary and proven signature presentations that our advisors have been using in both in-person seminars and weekly webinars. Powered by a completely automated funnel including social media advertising, multimedia reminders, and a follow-up email campaign, this robust platform has completely changed the game for some of our top advisors. From the Tax Trap presentation to the College Planning presentation to a few more upcoming presentations still in the works, Allee walks through a couple of advisor case studies of how these marketing strategies have proven results from the past 3 years. If you are interested in attending our 3-day master class on how to get started in this program, you will definitely want to attend our Wealth Builder Academy LIVE virtual conference on October 18th-20th.


Kenneth Buckley Founder The Buckley Group

Building A Predictable Process Using Proprietary Reports

Brian Manderscheid
Vice President, Advanced Case Design, LifePro Financial

To close out a day full of valuable presentations, our Vice President of Advanced Case Design Brian takes the stage to walkthrough LifePro's turnkey carrier illustration reports for client meetings. We all know carrier illustrations could not be more boring and confusing to understand from the client's perspective; LifePro has considered this obstacle and developed a portfolio of different client-facing reports to demonstrate complex financial concepts in an easy-to-digest format. LifePro offers reports comparing retirement financial success with the Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis, IUL solutions with the Wealth Report, and estate planning using the Premium Finance report to name a few. Our top advisors have integrated these reports into every sales conversation because they know that the process is more important than the product.



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