Insurance Planning—How To Accomplish More With Less

Insurance Planning—How To Accomplish More With Less

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Today we are talking about a remarkably interesting topic that most consumers and advisors have never even heard of, or spent the time to truly dive into: Premium financing a life insurance policy. The reason this is a great topic is because I’ve heard many people in the past say, “Yes I want life insurance; I just don’t want to pay for it.” It’s the old “Have your cake and eat it too” saying at play here.

If you are able to explain what life insurance can do for a client without calling it life insurance, I can promise you every person you speak to will want what you’re talking about—whether it’s protection for the family in case one dies too soon, tax deferred accumulation, tax free income, liquidity, use, control, or coverage in case of illness along the way. The list goes on.

My goal with this article is to show you how to use “OPM” (other people’s money) to pay for what I like to call the Swiss army knife of planning: Index universal life insurance. What makes this such a timely topic is that everyone is having cash flow constraints at the moment due to inflation and volatility.

Being able to show a client that they can accomplish the same objectives with less out-of-pocket payments or accomplish three, five or even 10 times the amount of benefit using the same out-of-pocket payments is crucial. Everyone wins. Bonus points are in play for advisors focused on assets under management due to the fact that we are now giving your clients the benefits of life insurance without reducing your AUM dollar-for-dollar.

Whether your goal is to become an expert in legacy building, estate planning, tax-free income, insurance planning for your business, or to simply be your own banker and diversify and protect your money, this concept can be a perfect fit for a well-structured plan or portfolio.

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