Kickstarting 2022 with LifePro Summit

LifePro Summit 2022 Recap

On Thursday, February 24th, LifePro Financial hosted our premiere sales and marketing conference, LifePro Summit, virtually to independent advisors nationwide. With over 300 attendees, we started 2022 with a bang and brought industry-leading speakers in retirement planning, annuities, and life insurance underwriting back to the LifePro stage. Our audience of independent financial professionals were met with top-notch presentations about the latest industry trends, tax law changes, and how to prepare for an uncertain economic future.

The information was too good not to share, so we put together a quick recap with a few key takeaways from each presenter at LifePro Summit:


Ben Nevejans President LifePro

Opening Ceremony: Welcome to the 2022 LifePro Summit

Ben Nevejans
President, LifePro

Kicking off the event with his opening ceremony, our President Ben’s presentation touched upon the power of partnership, purpose, and pointed focus behind why LifePro is the company it is today. The tools that our top advisors have been able to utilize to grow their businesses include our IUL policy audit “ReProject” campaign and personalized client reports, including the IUL Annual Review Report, Wealth Report and Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis Report. Furthermore, LifePro’s signature presentations and turnkey marketing systems are proven to put advisors in front of qualified leads consistently. In an industry with ever-changing rules and regulations, Ben reminds us of why LifePro strives to provide our advisors with incredible value and how providing continued support and assistance is our purpose behind the efforts for our partners.


David Zander Steward BackNine Financial

The Importance of Protected Lifetime Income During Retirement

David Zander
Steward, Back Nine Financial, LLC

David Zander, the founder of Back Nine Financial, has 44 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industry and drives deep into his analogy that life is like a game of golf: the Front 9 consists of working and building up assets while the Back 9 involves retiring from work and distributing those assets throughout the rest of your life. As a Back 9 caddie, David stresses the importance of identifying unforeseen obstacles that you may run into during the second half of life and offers the solutions that retirees should be aware of, including protected lifetime income.


Tom Haines Senior Vice President Annexus® Retirement Solutions

Powerful Indexing Strategies For Today's Market

Tom Haines
Senior Vice President, Annexus® Retirement Solutions

With a background working on Wall Street and the executive team at Annexus®, Tom Haines offers expert insights on the latest indexing strategies that lead the life insurance industry. In an environment where illustration manipulation can mislead clients, Tom proves time and time again why products offered through Annexus® are properly back tested to provide accurate predictions for future returns. From utilizing broad diversification, capitalizing on momentum, and smoothing volatility shifts, the details behind the products Tom offers provide fully transparent and proven tactics that are seldomly found within the indexed product universe.


Ed Slott President & Founder Ed Slott & Company

Delivering Expert Retirement Advice

Ed Slott
President & Founder, Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Our nationally recognized Keynote Speaker Ed Slott brought the audience tremendous value during his presentation covering 5 high-value retirement tax planning conversations that every advisor should be aware of. With the latest tax regulations fresh off the press, Ed breaks down everything you need to know about the SECURE Act, Roth IRA Conversion Planning, Life Insurance Planning, Qualified Charitable Distributions, and 2022 Required Minimum Distribution Planning. Whether you are coaching your client about conducting a Roth Conversion or you are planning on using life insurance trusts to simulate the stretch IRA, Ed Slott brings every pro and con to the table so advisors can be best prepared for the conversations they have with their clients.


Chris Regione Chief Underwriter Sammons Financial

The Realities of COVID Mortalities As It Relates to Underwriting

Chris Regione
Chief Underwriter, Sammons Financial

Chris Regione, alongside his colleague Rich Salerno, unpacks the lasting effects that the pandemic has had in the life insurance underwriting world as well as what we might be expecting in the future. The changes in this industry have only increased in frequency, from accelerated underwriting to how risk is evaluated. Chris and Rich take attendees through a sample underwriting scenario and disclosure their rationale behind their decisions, including how recent events have shaped underwriting judgment. They end their presentation by comparing previously established caps on underwriting cases due to Covid-19 to an updated chart of underwriting case caps that eased the previous rules.


Allee Marchini Senior Marketing Coordinator LifePro Financial

The #1 Selling System in America, Live & Virtual!

Allee Marchini
Senior Marketing Coordinator, LifePro Financial

LifePro’s own Allee Marchini rounded off the day with a fantastic presentation demonstrating the ins and outs of LifePro’s proven selling system. She takes the audience through every step of the process, including our social media marketing campaigns, our established webinar and seminar presentations on retirement planning and college planning, and the follow-up nurture campaign that aims at achieving appointments for participating advisors. From success stories of our top advisors to the detailed logistics behind why our Facebook marketing is consistently attracting qualified leads, Allee ends the conference with a motivating demonstration of a turnkey marketing system that any advisor can use to grow their business.


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