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This past Thursday, September 23rd LifePro successfully hosted their first ever hybrid LifePro University with advisors from around the country choosing to either log in virtually or attend in person at the Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa. With over 300 attendees, we brought our most talented and renowned speakers to the stage. Our audience of financial advisors, insurance carrier representatives, other industry professionals, and the entire LifePro team were presented with the latest information and trends happening right now in the world of insurance, annuities, and assets under management.

We have put together a quick recap and some key takeaways from each presenter at LPU 2021:


Ben Nevejans President LifePro

Proven Strategies...Changing Times

Ben Nevejans
President, LifePro

Our President Ben’s presentation featured current best practices and procedures LifePro’s top advisors are currently using, including how to sell protected income plans in retirement, maximize social security, and plan for college. Ben also gave tribute to the late Bill Zimmerman, our founder and chairman, who he described as a “level 5” leader — influencing those around him through his ambitious attitude and humble personality. Whether you are interested in our signature presentations or in need of new lead generation strategies, LifePro offers the newest and most innovative solutions for advisors that specialize in life insurance, annuities, and AUM.


Van Mueller LUTCF LACP Registered Representative

The Greatest Time Ever to Be an Insurance Professional

Van Mueller
LUTCF, LACP, Registered Representative

Known as one of the most passionate practitioners in the industry, Van Mueller emphasized the power of asking questions and exemplifying experience. Van reminds advisors that they are selling three important things: guaranteed income that cannot be outlived, longevity credits to increase clients’ potential return, and products with leverage that fight against the stealth tax caused by the country’s recent increase in inflation. People don’t buy long-term care because they are afraid that they won’t use it, but because they are unaware that building up cash value life insurance is the same as moving their money from one taxable pocket to another untaxable pocket.


Jimmy Pomerance Founder Impact Speakers

Impact Speaking! Make Every Presentation Count

Jimmy Pomerance
Founder, Impact Speakers

Captivating the audience through his high-energy presentation, Jimmy P highlighted the key aspects of a memorable speaker. Following the categories of body, mind, and soul, Jimmy stressed the importance of having a signature style for how you are seen, being composed so you can easily be heard, and having soul in your communication so you are believed. People remember a speaker 33% for what they say and 66% for how they say it. He ended his talk by asking the room to ask themselves three questions: What specific action do I want my listener to take when I finish speaking? Why would my listener take the action I want them to take? How can I separate the contents of my presentation into three separate sections with an opening that grabs them?


Heather Ulz CEO of LifePro

Independent, but Never Alone: A Winning Combination

Heather Ulz
CEO, LifePro

Our CEO Heather gave a company update where she explained the succession planning of LifePro that our founder Bill Z had the foresight to put in place a number of years ago. This involved the goal of rewarding the team that built LifePro with actual ownership, requiring sweat equity instead of a monetary buy-in, and formally installing the next generation of leadership team for the company. Heather also reviewed the values that were reinforced this year including gratitude, understanding, love, and appreciation. Having a positive partnership means having a partner that respects you, developing a culture of compliance that is there for you, and being surrounded by a team that wants to make you successful. Independent but not alone signifies having empathy for the job of the advisor, supporting not only LifePro’s generational planning, but also that of the independent advisor, and LifePro working every day to be a part of your solution.


Robert Reaburn Managing Director LifePro Asset Management

Declaring Independence from the Word "NO"

Robert Reaburn
Managing Director, LifePro Asset Management

Our Head of Wealth Management Robert gave an exciting presentation on the importance of being a coach, optimizing growth, and making a wise investment approach. He reminded us that coaches help us see things that we can’t on our own. With their help, one can reach more clients within the same amount of time, increase productivity from coaching by 28%, and increase follow-up coaching thereafter. Rob argues that the use of the word “no” simply erodes independence; his mission is to help advisors achieve, sustain, and strengthen them to independence. He insists that advisors “Say No to triple pay services” where they pay a cover, pay for the product/service, and pay taxed gains. Instead, work with a company that bases its success on the success of its clients.


Allee Marchini Senior Marketing Coordinator LifePro Financial

The #1 Selling System in the Industry, Live and Virtual!

Allee Marchini
Senior Marketing Coordinator, LifePro Financial

Allee, our Marketing Team Lead, gave an insightful talk on how webinars can minimize your tech hassle while maximizing your focus. She highlighted how 96 individual financial professionals have found success using LifePro’s selling platform for both in-person events and webinars. The most popular webinar presentations our advisors love include Tax Trap, Protected Income, and College Planning. LifePro offers a full-length campaign process including lead generation through Facebook Advertising, registration, indoctrination, reminders, the webinar presentation, our replay system, and finally reregistration campaigns.


Kenneth Buckley Founder The Buckley Group

Mastering the Art of Working with High Net Worth Clients

Kenneth Buckley
Founder, The Buckley Group

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Ken Buckley gave an in-depth presentation of the ins and outs of premium finance. He mentioned the newest developments in the insurance sector, shared his fine-tuned process for fostering relationships, and described how his premium financing solutions offer the best long-term solutions for his clients. With the use of detailed audits and comprehensive, customized solutions, Ken goes step-by-step to prove how closing a case can be done with experience, expertise, referrals, flexibility, and meaningful relationships.


Don Blanton MoneyTrax Circle of Wealth

The Personal Economic Model: Maintaining your Circle of Wealth®

Don Blanton
Founder/President, MoneyTrax, Inc., Circle of Wealth®

Finishing the day off strong, Don Blanton gave a detailed keynote speech depicting his Personal Economic Model: an interactive graphic depiction of a family’s entire financial position used to help clients find money in places where it is being lost unknowingly and unnecessarily. He reminds the audience that they are not in the insurance business, but rather the people business — it should not matter how well you did but rather how well everyone you worked with did. Finally, Don stresses the importance of checking your clients’ financial vital signs including what rate of return your client must earn, how much money per month your client must save, how long your client must work for, and how long your client will last without adjusting their financial plan.


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