Episode #182: How to Maximize Your Income Using an Index Annuity


If you are considering the purchase of an annuity, chances are you’re preparing for or nearing retirement. The best way to describe the challenges we all face in retirement planning is to compare it to climbing Mount Everest… and then getting back down. Many Americans imagine how it must feel to reach the peak of the mountain—the sense of satisfaction of saving for retirement and accomplishing such a goal—only to forget all that’s needed to reach the bottom. The strategies you use to get to the top will not be the same ones that will get you down safely. While the accumulation stage is the easy part, the number one thing retirees fear is making that money last for the rest of their lives.

In this episode of Money Script Monday, Adam shares how to get the most out of an annuity to create long-term income stability in retirement and goes into detail regarding an annuity’s accumulation versus income account value.

Resources Provided for This Episode

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About Adam Reyna

Adam Reyna is a Field Support Representative at LifePro. He coaches hundreds of financial professionals on how to build effective financial strategies that achieve their clients' long term goals and helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends.


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