Episode #139: Intro to Digital Marketing that Generates Qualified Leads for a Fraction of the Cost

Are you frustrated by your current seminar marketing system? Are you paying too much, is your audience saturated, are you presenting the same content year after year, are people not even showing up to your events? In this episode of Money Script Monday, Dave presents a solution to lower your overall seminar marketing costs so you can schedule more events and reach a brand new audience.


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Hello, everyone, my name is David Julian and I'm the statistician here at LifePro Financial.

Welcome to today's episode of Money Script Monday. I don't do a lot of these presentations, but usually when I do, it means we got something new to show you today.

And that definitely is the case today. Today we're going to do an introduction to LifePro's digital marketing campaigns that have generated qualified leads for a fraction of the cost.

Now, all of our top advisors that do seminars, they do those seminars to get new clients and it's worked with great success for them.

However, there have been some frustrations.

If you've had some frustrations with the seminars that you've done, this is definitely something for you.

Current Marketing

Let's start off with looking at currently what advisors have been doing.

current marketing

Now, mailers have definitely been something that's been very popular.

For a 10,000 mail piece drop, it may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 and the cost per attendee can be anywhere from $100 per attendee to $700 per attendee.

Now, this is definitely a wide range there.

So you don't know if you're going to get 10 attendees, 100 attendees, it kind of just depends on everything that's going on at that time, your location.

You're not really sure what's going to happen.

Now, we also have digital marketing campaigns that are already out there.

And I have this $300 here, there are some companies that will guarantee an attendee for $300, and they'll guarantee as many attendees as you want.

Now, the thing is, is that $300 is still slightly on the expensive side, and it's in between where the mailers are, where the mailers were $100 to $700 per attendee.

So, let's take a look at some of these frustrations that people have had.

We have the too expensive, the saturated audience, no new content, low response rate, and let's be honest, a lot of time, mail will just get thrown away.

We can minimize some of these risks by lowering the costs of these campaigns.

LifePro Digital Marketing

Now we'll take a look at some of LifePro's digital marketing campaign stats.

LifePro Digital Marketing

To start off, we'll look at the cost, the average is anywhere between $27 per attendee and $75 per attendee.

You can see, first, that that cost is a lot lower, and the range is a lot lower as well. And the range would even be even less.

Most of the range is due to the type of seminars that you're doing, the location, etc.

Now, you can see here that we would refund any type of money that we didn't spend on a campaign.

If you had a campaign and it was going to cost $1,000, and it only ended up costing $700, we're going to refund you those $300.

We're not in this business to make money on digital marketing campaigns.

We make our money when you make your money, when you write that life insurance annuity and assets under management business. So, we're there to work for your business.

We've been working and tinkering on this for three plus years, and we've tested everything.

We've seen which ads work and don't work, which locations work and don't work, which audiences work and don't work.

So we've tested everything. We've had our failures. And we've gone through all that.

We also have 10 plus years of data from the clients that we've written life insurance and annuity business on.

We know the types of people that they are, and we've used that data for these marketing campaigns to see who may be a good fit for this and we've had a lot of success with that.

Now, I said this wasn't something new to you guys. We have had 60 plus advisors that have already used this, and they've had a lot of success, and you can see why.

They've had these lower costs means that they can schedule more seminars throughout the year, which means they have more appointments that they can have. And then they can have more production as well.

What You Get

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, let's take a look at what you'll get when you do one of these campaigns with LifePro.

what you get with LifePro

So the first thing we have is we have four different types of seminars with unique content.

Now, we're not restricted to these four different types of seminars, if there's something that you're doing right now, and it's working for you, you can give that to us and we can build that into our framework that we can have, and we can get that up and running for you.

Not going to go over those four different types of campaigns today. So, please give us a call and we can go over those different types of campaigns that we have.

We're going to do all of the campaign monitoring for you, there's nothing that you have to do.

We're going to turn the ads on and off. We're going to see which ads are working for you.

If you have a location that sells out, we'll turn turn that off for you. All of that is going to be done on our end.

Once as you create an event on MyLifePro, the landing page is created right away and it has all your information about your campaign that you need.

It has your logo and profile picture. It has all of your pertinent information.

When somebody RSVPs for the event, all of the info is going to go for you. And all of that is created right away.

All of the email automation that goes around this is in there as well.

So when somebody RSVPs, they're immediately going to get an email with all of the event information a day or two before the event they're going to get a reminder email that reminds them about the event.

We even have videos that we're going to show them so that they can remember why they signed up for this event in the first place to make sure that they attend.

Once as the event is over, the email automation does not stop there.

Whether they did attend the event or did not attend the event, either way, they're going to go down an email path that is structured directly towards that particular client to try to get them to engage with you after the event if they didn't set an appointment.

Last, we have all the event tracking that we have on MyLifePro.

In there, you'll see all your events, everybody that RSVPed for the events, all of their contact information.

So, they are your client right away.

When you're doing the reminder calls, you can put in there whether they said that they are going to be able to come, whether they're not going to be able to come, all that information is directly in there.

Also in there, you'll mark the attendance, who you set an appointment with, and everything will be directly in there.

A year down the line you can even see how much money you made directly from these campaigns to see which campaigns worked for you and which campaigns did not work for you.

If this is something that interests you, please give us a call today at 888-543-3776 or click the button below and let us know that this is something you're interested in.

And let's get started with some of your digital marketing campaigns.

Thank you very much for watching this week's Money Script Monday and have a great day.

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Dave Julian is the Statistican at LifePro. He uses his mathematical, sales and programming skills to generate captivating reports and calculators that help financial professionals explain life insurance and annuity products to their clients.

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