Key Takeaways from the 2020 LifePro Summit

On February 19, 2020 we hosted our annual LifePro Summit to over 200 attendees – consisting of some of the top industry experts, financial advisors, insurance carrier representatives, and the entire LifePro staff all under one roof. The LifePro Summit is our major kick-off event that was created with a mission to help and ensure our advisors start the year off right with new ideas and strategies that can be implemented right away!

We have put together a quick recap and some key takeaways from each presenter:


Ben Nevejans President LifePro

Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

Ben Nevejans
President, LifePro

In order to get to where you want to be, not only do you need to know where you are, but where you’ve been. Our industry is forever evolving and it’s more important today than it has ever been to be able to move with the tides and turn perceived challenges into incredible opportunities. LifePro was built with this in mind and strives every day to make sure our advisors not only survive but thrive in these changing times. In Ben’s presentation, he briefly shared how LifePro has positioned our advisors to take advantage of regulation, competition, growing threats and new concepts allowing them to make more money, have more time and help more people. A true IMO partner should bring tremendous amounts of value in order to earn your business. LifePro lives by this every day.


Todd Petit

Understanding High Impact IUL Concepts

Joe Ross, ChFC, CLU, CRC
Vice President of Sales Productivity, AIG

While it is nice to believe that each of our meetings has equal impact, the reality is that only a handful, perhaps only 2 or 3, actually produce the greatest impact on future business. The ability to repeat those relatively few high impact appointments has an enormous effect on the overall success of your business. Joe Ross reinforced the idea that, “it’s not about the products we sell, it’s about the stories we tell.” Joe also explained how to position IUL as a financial vehicle that is always in the right place at the right time. Clients can take advantage of stock market gains when it is performing at its peak and eliminate their risk during times of market correction and recovery via the 0% floor.


top producer panel

How the Elite Acquire New Clients

LifePro Top Advisors

LifePro asked some of our top advisors to come together and share their stories on how they became successful. From client prospecting to networking to annual reviews, top advisors, Aaron Hail, Billie Miles, Claire Frey, Kevin Won, and Marketing Director at LifePro, Dan Tatulli spoke about how to build a profitable and sustainable practice. What’s one thing that each of these top advisors has in common? Seminars. LifePro has helped these advisors, and many others, fill up rooms for presentations covering topics on retirement, college planning, and social security.

Dan explained to the audience the ins and outs of LifePro’s proprietary digital prospecting system. Billie attested to the quality of digital leads compared to his previous radio prospects, and Claire spoke about boosting her conversion rate by forming connections with each one of her seminar attendees. Kevin has experienced a lot of success using the more traditional mailer option, proving that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! Aaron’s father was one of the first people in direct mail to switch from mass marketing to focus on target marketing. Although he has a unique relationship with direct mail being essentially “the family business”, Aaron emphasized the importance of diversifying your client acquisition strategy to make sure you are consistently getting in front of new clients.


Heather Ulz CEO of LifePro

The LifePro Elite

Heather Ulz
CEO, LifePro

A common key to success for Elite advisors is to rely on a partnership with an Elite organization that always has their success in mind and operates with a common purpose of excellence. At LifePro, we do just that. With an intimate understanding that by working together we elevate each other; the goal of our team is to be your premier partner in building a successful practice. By coming together and sharing the best of what others do, we can continue to create an environment where Independent does not mean alone. In Heather’s presentation, she spoke about some of the tools and solutions LifePro has in place to get each of our advisors from engaged to Elite.


Robert Reaburn

2020 Market Outlook

Robert Reaburn
Managing Director, Head of Wealth Management
LifePro Asset Management

In an era where uncertainty remains the only certainty, how do we invest our hard-earned money in a way that will position us to achieve our goals, both present and in the future? Robert Reaburn, Head of Wealth Management at LifePro Asset Management, discussed the importance of implementing an investment strategy that is disciplined, tactical, and driven by the evolving time horizon needs of each of your clients. Robert also reviewed how clients and advisors that have partnered with LifePro Asset Management and allocated risk based on a client’s short and long-term capital needs, are beginning to realize more successful investment outcomes. Additionally, Robert reviewed our outlook for the market in 2020, how we are positioning client portfolios, and most importantly, and how we are helping to protect clients from both known and unknown portfolio risks.


David Zander

Tackling America’s Retirement Income Crisis with Annuities

David Zander, CFP®
Senior Education Advisor
Alliance for Lifetime Income

Too many American households approach retirement without protected lifetime income other than Social Security. This is causing a looming retirement income crisis as 64% of American households (80 million) are unprotected! The Alliance for Lifetime Income is a nonprofit consumer education organization whose mission is to help Americans understand the need for protected lifetime income from an annuity when planning for retirement, so they don’t outlive their money. David Zander, CFP® shared the educational resources, tools, and insights you can use to include protected lifetime income in your clients’ retirement plans.


pete vargas

Stage to Scale

Pete Vargas
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Advance Your Reach

Pete Vargas teaches people how to grow their businesses and spread their message through stages. In 2003, his life was deeply impacted by one man on a stage and since then, he has dedicated his life to the power of stages. Pete and his team have booked over 25,000 stages worldwide and generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue through those stages. In 2016, he founded Advance Your Reach, a company with a mission to impact one billion lives through one million stages across seven spheres of influence. Through years of testing, he’s perfected the “Stage to Scale” system, a three-part framework that helps speakers, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, service providers, nonprofits, small business owners, and many others land speaking engagements and leverage stages to grow their businesses and organizations.

In Pete’s presentation, he spoke about 3 steps to grow your business this year. Step 1 is crafting your Signature Talk by forming a human connection, going from ordinary to extraordinary, and sharing your why. Your Signature Talk is the single greatest marketing tool you have in your business. Step 2 is scaling beyond the stage. What services do you offer that will benefit everyone in attendance? If you have scale, then the stage is not the end, it’s only the beginning. And finally, Step 3 is winning stages. You are here to solve a problem for your clients. Don’t focus on things like, “I sell life insurance.” Instead, “I provide people financial strategies to retire with confidence.” Your message matters, your story matters, getting it on stages is a powerful way to do it.


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