Episode #65: The 5-Part Email Campaign That Generated $43,684

Many advisors have a vast database of contacts that range from complete strangers to steady clients. But how do you know what is the best strategy to effectively target each segment? In this episode of Money Script Monday, Dan shows you how to use the LifePro IUL Sales Academy System to convert your warm audience into revenue producing clients.


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Hello there and welcome back to another episode of Money Script Monday.

My name is Dan Tatulli, and today we're going to be talking about the 5-part email campaign that we helped an advisor generate over $43,684. We could do this campaign for you too, and that's why we're doing this video.

We also helped out several other advisors, but this one really stands out because not only did LifePro do a set of things to make this campaign that much more successful, but the advisor also personally did some specific steps before, leading up to, and all throughout the campaign that made it that much more successful.

So, that's what I'm really going to be talking about today.

Audience Temperature

Before going into actually the five emails that we did, I drew this diagram up here. This is what's called the audience temperature.

audience temperature

It's broken down into three sections. Think of your clients and prospects, they can all be categorized in one of these three sections here.

We've got cold, warm, and hot.

Cold Audience

These are people who don't know of you yet. They don't know the services that you provide.

This is their first introduction to you.

Warm Audience

Think of these like your acquaintances. You know of them, maybe you've seen them, during the weekend you hang out. Maybe your kids share some activities all throughout the week.

So, they know of you, they know your profession and what you do, but maybe they haven't signed a policy just yet.

Hot Audience

These are the people obviously we all want them. These are the people that express interest. They're ready to buy right now.

When we're looking at this email campaign, we are centering on the warm list.

These are the people who already know of you.

The agent sent us a list of about 400 people, and they were all warm. He saw them at church during the weekends. He's kept in touch with them all throughout the way, and that's what made this campaign so successful.

Because we've had other advisors who send us a list of 10,000 and they're all cold. They haven't talked to them in five years, and you just don't see the results with that.

So, if you have a warm list out there, this email campaign may be perfect for you.

With that, let's get started on the five emails.

5-Part Email Campaign

This was an email campaign over 10 days. We sent them five emails, again, over the course of 10 days.

We didn't ask just say, "Hey, you know, you want to buy an IUL policy, an annuity policy?"

What we did was we asked them to register for video membership site. So, this was something that we created for him.

We created a website with his logo, with his information, and then we put up 14 consumer-friendly videos that LifePro recorded internally here for him.

Over the course of 10 days, we asked that list to sign up, to get registered to watch these video series.

Email #1

The first one was activate your free video membership. So, you could see the illustration here.

email 1 activate your free video membership

He came in and he recorded, about a two or three-minute video just kind of introducing the whole notion of, "This is a video series. Here's what to expect. They're super short and concise. Get started today and register."

This one was the most successful email that we sent.

Think of them as like your low-hanging fruit. If the list is already warm, he could have said anything and they would have said, "All right, sure. I'll fill in the form" and receive the book or receive the video series.

So, this one was a very successful one.

Email #2

We sent the second email back-to-back. This was the very next day and these two categories here, the audiences, they're very different.

If these people didn't sign up for that first email, what's going to make them sign up the second time around?

email 2 can you imagine taxes being doubled

What we did was we focused on a pain point. The title was, "Can you imagine taxes being doubled?"

A specific pain point to basically everybody out there. We had the tax rates, we had the whole story talking about the highs and lows and the average rate.

And again, the call to action was register for these videos.

LifePro Wealth Builder - IUL Sales Academy

Email #3

Moving on a few days, we waited a few days and we sent them the illustration here.

email 3 5 days left to activate membership

This was a plain text. This was a text being sent out on behalf of the advisor.

Five days left to activate your membership. Again, we put a time limit on it and we asked them personally. This was again in a plain text email being sent out on behalf of the advisor.

Email #4

Number four, again, if these people still haven't moved on with these three emails, what's going to make them turn?

email 4 walt disney used this proven strategy

What we did was we focused on a specific story within the video series.

Walt Disney used this proven strategy. We talked about how he actually funded the construction of Disneyland using permanent life insurance.

Email #5

This was the last day of the 10-day part right there, this was action required.

email 5 action required

This was, "You need to fill in the form today because these video series...it expires tonight."

Again, this was a plain text that was sent out on behalf of the advisor.

The stars right here one and five were the best ones. One, again, think of that as the low-hanging fruit. That's where we got the majority of signups.

But fifth, everybody loves to procrastinate, right? This was, "Hey, final notice. This is your last day, do it today."

This was a very successful campaign. But again, it all went back to the actual list that he sent.

He scrubbed the list. He made sure the email addresses were correct. He kept in touch with them.

If somebody signed up, he'd be calling them, congratulating them, thanking them for signing up. And he'd walk the client all the way through that process.

About 31 people registered, and 11 of those, 35% converted from registering. Not all of them even watched the videos.

From registering for the videos, he got 11 policies that generated over $43,684.

So, we could do this for you.

How do we do this? You need to attend the next IUL sales academy.

There's one coming up here in the next few months. We have it every single quarter.

I have a button down below. If you click there, you could actually see the next one coming up. Get registered today.

It's a two-day training event that we have here in San Diego. And that's where you'll really have to train and get comfortable with the video series.

We might even record the video for you while you're out here. And then we can get started with your list and send out this email campaign.

Again, click that button, fill in the interest form, and an FSR will get you registered for the next sales academy.

With that, thank you very much and take care.

LifePro Wealth Builder - IUL Sales Academy

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Dan Tatulli is the Marketing Director at LifePro. He works with financial professionals on strategic marketing and branding campaigns to deliver relevant and timely content to their community.


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