Episode #20: When and How to Share Money Script Monday Videos with Your Clients

Episode #20: When and How to Share Money Script Monday Videos with Your Clients

With it's dual-purpose to educate you and your clients on financial topics in 10 minutes or less, Money Script Monday has quickly become one of LifePro's most renowned services. And its sharing capabilities just got that much easier. In this episode of Money Script Monday, Dan shows you the new features released and techniques used to easily share custom Money Script Monday posts with your clients.


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Video transcription

Hello there, and welcome back to another episode of Money Script Monday. My name is Dan Tatulli, and today we're going to be talking about when and how to share Money Script Monday videos with your clients.

Now, we've been doing this video series for the past few months and we've received a lot of great feedback from you guys out there. And we're super appreciative and super excited to hear that because that's what this video series was all about. It was dual purpose. So not only educating you, but also your clients.

On the official launch day back in June, we had some tools and resources in place to help you share this with your clients, but for the past few weeks and months, we've been adding to it and making advancements to it. So, we figured the best way to get this information out there to you guys is to do a video.

So, that's why we're here today. We're going to be talking about when to share these videos. There are different topics with Money Script Monday where these specific topics you're going to want to send that to your clients. But then there are some other ones that you want to stray away from. This is for financial professional use only. So, those topics are very important to know which ones are for your clients, and which ones aren't.

We're going to be talking about ways to share these videos, sharing strategies on how top advisors are using these videos, and how to access the Money Script Monday portal via MyLifePro. We’ll alse be going into how to make a custom landing page. So, not just directing clients to a LifePro page like this one, but you have a custom landing page. One with a profile picture, a logo, your information. And then lastly, how to receive these alerts if you're not already subscribed.

I was going to write it all up on the board, but it's probably better if we go on the screen right now. So, with that said, let's jump to the screen.

When to share videos

Five Unique Topics

Here we are on the LifePro blog and, as you can see, there's a graphic associated with each blog post. Within Money Script Monday, there are five specific topics:

LifePro's Money Script Monday Video Topics
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Investments
  • Concepts
  • Sales and Marketing

The first three are self-explanatory, but for Concepts, the best example I can give is Circle of Wealth (COW)… whether it's talking about life insurance or annuities, we could label it that, but since it's discussing specifically about Circle of Wealth, we're going to label it under Concepts.

Now the last one, Sales and Marketing, that one is for financial professional use only. In this topic, you’ll hear about best practices and the new programs we're unveiling, but within Sales and Marketing, you can see the little tools next to it making an X. That is for financial professional use. Do not send that out to your clients!

The other four topics you can share with your clients.

Filter Through the Categories

Now, I want to show you a cool trick because, as you can see under the blog, there are lots of different posts and some of them are outside of Money Script Monday, so what you can do is click the tab, "Explore by Category," a drop-down is going to come and if you only want to see Money Script Monday posts, click on that and what it will do is it'll regenerate the page for you and these are all the episodes that we've ever ran up into this date for Money Script Monday. So, that's a great trick if you're looking for an easy filter.

Ways to share videos

Let's talk about the ways to share these Money Script Monday posts. So, I'm going to go to Episode 10, "Test Drive and IUL". Now, what you can see here, there are two buttons. One is, "Share with a Client," and one is, "Share with a Colleague." Let's go to the colleague first.

Money Script Monday Share Buttons

Share with a Colleague

If you have a colleague, a friend of yours, that is not subscribed to receive these Money Script Monday posts, you can send them an email and let them know about the specific video that you thought they would enjoy.

What you want to do is type in your email address, type the colleague's email address, and a message right here is generated for you. This is customized so you can actually edit it, personalize it, change this to their name, and you could put your email signature down below, so it's much like a Word document.

Then there are two options right here. One you can preview the post to see what your colleague is going to see and then also send the email.

So, that's how you send it to a colleague.

Share with a Client

How do you share it with a client? Click this button right here, and it's basically the same thing. What you want to do is enter in your email address, your client's email, and then the unique message that goes right here.

Money Script Monday Message Box

I want to go into a specific question that we receive a lot, "Now Dan, why can't I upload a list and send this out to a mass list of prospects and clients?"

Well, I don't want to get too technical because sometimes it even goes over my head, but we're all on one server. So, let's say there's a bad agent out there, not saying it's you, but let's say there's a bad agent out there who purchased a list, uploads it, and sends out this blast and receives a bunch of spam and unsubscribes and bounces.

That hurts you. And that hurts us. And we can actually be shut down for that. So, we want to make sure that the people that we're sending it to are real human beings. They have raised their hand and said, "I want to receive email alerts from you".

There are a few additional ways that we can send this out to your clients, but it's really done within my LifePro and that's where I want to go right now.

Access the Money Script Monday portal

How do we access the Money Script Monday portal? I'm going to click here to login. We're going to do a sample, and here we are on the dashboard.

(1) LifePro > My Marketing > Money Script Monday

There's quite a few ways to get there. What you first can do is go to my LifePro, my marketing, and Money Script Monday. That's one way.

(2) Blue Notification Bar

The other way is that there's a blue notification tab at the top here that shows you the exact episode that's being played this week. But, as you can see there's this one line, "Want to share a branded version of this post?" so we're going to click that link and that takes us to the Money Script Monday portal.

Money Script Monday Portal

Here it's filtered by title, presenter, now there are three things: shares, views, and re-shares.

Shares are how many times you've shared that with your clients and prospects. Views are, let's say you sent it out to 10 people and you're wondering if any of them visited the page. That number will be populated in here in real time and then re-shares are if your clients click the share button and share it with their friends and family.

How to make a custom page

Just to briefly go over this, if I'm going to promote Episode 10, I click this link. That is the custom URL link that I want to copy and paste everywhere. That's my unique ID, so it's not LifePro. It's not going to a LifePro blog. It's going to my post with my information on it.

That's really important that you log into my LifePro and copy and paste this unique URL.

You can also preview the post and share it much like we discussed earlier. So, let's go under preview. Here we can see the custom landing page that has been generated for me.

Logo, Profile Picture, and Contact Information

This would be your logo, right here, your profile picture, and all of your information. Now, if you've been doing business with us and maybe we've worked on a "Your Personal Wealth Report" with you, we will have all of your information where you'll see up at the top that it's repopulated with your information.

Money Script Monday Advisor Information

If it's white, if it's blank, then that means we don't have your information. I would reach out to your FSR immediately and make sure that they have your logo and profile picture and information that we can get that up here for the Money Script Monday post.

There's also a contact form at the end of each blog post. So, right here, you'll receive an email notification if your client fills this out and had a question.

Social Media Share Buttons

The super exciting part is what I want to show you right here. These are buttons that we've recently added. This was due because, you know, as easy as we all think it was, top advisors were copying and pasting links and saying, "What's my ID again, and now I've got to log into here..." There's a few different steps so we've made this super simple for you.

Money Script Monday Social Media Buttons

There are social media buttons on your custom landing page. So, what you'll see here are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and if you're logged into these accounts, you click on one of those buttons and it pre-populates for you.

So, right here there's a nice graphic, the title, and description and you could type up something and it posts immediately to your timeline on any of the most popular social media accounts right there.

We're super excited about it and we hope we've made it that much easier to share these posts with your clients!

How to receive alerts

Finishing up, if you haven't received email notifications about Money Script Monday, if you've just landed here per say on the LifePro website, what you want to do is subscribe to Money Script Monday.

We send out an email every single Monday morning with the new episode that is released to not only you, but you can start sharing it with your clients immediately at the start of the week. And if you haven't watched the video throughout the week, we also send out an email reminder on Wednesday.

If you're not subscribed I want you to open up a browser right now and type in www.lifepro.com/msm and you'll be sent to this page.

Subscribe to LifePro's Money Script Monday

Click this button right here. Fill in your first name, last name, and your email address. Click the button and you will be officially subscribed to receive these video alerts every single Monday!

That wraps it up for today's lesson on when and how to share Money Script Monday videos with your clients. So, once again, if you are not subscribed to receive these email alerts in your inbox every single Monday, I urge you right now to subscribe today.

Open up a browser and type in www.lifepro.com/msm.

Fill in your information and you'll start receiving those emails right in your inbox every Monday morning.

Once again, enter in your information on this or if you want to click this link right now, that will take you to the subscription page. So, with that said thanks again everybody, and take care.

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Dan Tatulli is the Marketing Director at LifePro. He works with financial professionals on strategic marketing and branding campaigns to deliver relevant and timely content to their community.


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