Who is Anthony Morris and Why Should You Care?

Who is Anthony Morris and Why Should You Care?

Can the investment of less than one day change the way you do business and the results you get in your career forever? Yes! I first had the pleasure of hearing Anthony speak at MDRT’s Top of the Table a few years ago. I can say for certain he changed the way I viewed our business that day. Our business, and the business of many of our advisors has grown substantially since that day. Now I have the distinct pleasure of bringing him and his unique, no nonsense way of looking at what our clients want and how we can provide that to you.

You will walk away from this event equipped with a fistful of the best ideas to use the next day to begin building a competitive advantage through uniqueness instead of same-ness.

Attendees are transfixed from the outset by the comprehensive menu of client-building campaigns, clever conversations, focused marketing techniques and brilliant conceptual sales aids. Anthony delivers all the science, mathematics, evidence and proof that your audience needs to positively befriend, intrigue and disturb clients in crafting their financial destination.

Advisors across the globe have turned mediocre performance into power production momentum by using the unique systems and approaches presented by Anthony in just 90 short minutes.

Anthony a has spoken to top advisors for Top of the Table, MDRT, Northwestern Mutual, MassMutual, New England Financial, New York Life, Principal, Prudential, PAC Life, NAIFA, and countless other companies and organizations on 5 continents. He is guaranteed to jolt you from your comfort zone and transform the way you view and do your business in all areas from prospecting and client referrals to upselling and technology deployment. Advisors describe his systems as having dramatic impact on their immediate production and durable influence on their business DNA. He presents fresh facts, unique perspectives and state-of-the-art evidence to support the dozens of client campaigns, conversations and conceptual selling models that underpin every presentation. Working with every level from new advisor to industry legend, Anthony has the global insights into current “best practice” to deliver an extraordinary message to any group who grant him the privilege of their platform. Always engaging.  Riveting in delivery. Brilliant plug-and-play content.  Anthony will make you laughthink and remember.

Anthony is an Excalibur Knight of the Canadian MDRT Foundation. He resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife Taneil and their sons Evan & Brent.

Anthony Morris is the keynote speaker at the LifePro Summit in Carlsbad on Tuesday, February 4th.

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