Who is Andy Friedman and Why Should You Care?

Who is Andy Friedman and Why Should You Care?

Are taxes going up? Of course, but how? How will changes in the tax laws impact retirement and wealth transfer planning and products?

Are regulations going to be increasingly restrictive for advisors? Yes, but how? How will increased financial services regulation impact our ability to make a living?

Is Obamacare going to change? Yes, but how. How will those changes impact the insurers, the sellers, the insurance companies, and the healthcare providers?

I first remember seeing Andy Friedman years ago on CNBC. I always made a point of watching him when he was on the air because he spoke about how the things going on in Washington actually related to personal finance, our clients, and legislation that may affect my career. About a year ago he was the keynote speaker at an industry event I attended and I knew then that I had to find a way to have him speak at a LifePro event.

If you advise clients on insurance, retirement accumulation and income planning, or income and estate tax planning, you want to hear what Andy has learned in Washington regarding you and your clients. Known as Wall Street’s Tax Expert, Mr. Friedman is a recognized expert on Washington political affairs and how they relate to Taxes, Personal Finance, and Financial Services Regulation. Founder of “The Washington Update” Andy is regularly featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Power Lunch, and the Nightly Business Report, as well as other business and political news shows.

Andy Friedman is the keynote speaker at the LifePro Summit in Carlsbad on Tuesday, February 4th.

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