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LifePro has been a leading IUL distributor since before the turn of the century, embracing it as the product of the future since the late 1990’s. We know what works. Our advisors have put more IUL in force than most life insurance companies, earning them more than $100 Million Dollars in commissions from IUL sales alone. 

We provide you with in-depth support for InsMark®, MoneyTrax®, Circle of Wealth®, as well as a host of proprietary selling tools that complement the sale of IUL. Over 5800 of our agents, many just like you, most of them increasing their income, sometimes as much as 10X, have benefited by using this exciting new product.

LifePro is poised to support large IUL producers with laser focused illustration tools, tailored back office support, and production bonuses for volume.

Impact Speakers
Instead of the typical sales approach that "chases" prospects, we help you "attract" them. This is done by a calculated examination of who you are, what value you provide to your clients and what personal traits can help create a unique identity in the minds of your audience.
7 out of 10 policies that we review show that they need to be replaced. This process has always been very time-consuming and frustrating for both you and your client. Weeks turn into months and months turn into 0 paid cases. With ReProject, all of that becomes turnkey.
Impact Speakers
Revolutionize your business and life as you target the quarter-million Americans who are turning 65 every month. Learn the precise language and proven sales approach that is generating average case sizes of $177,773 in annuity sales and $10,968 in life sales.
Wealth Report
Never again present an IUL armed with only an illustration in-hand. The Personal Wealth Report takes a complex illustration and turns it into a beautiful easy-to-read document showing your client how the proposed policy can generate the income and protection they desire.

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