4 Proven Strategies to Attract and Retain the ‘High-Income Earner’ Market

Discover how advisors sold $28,408,764 of target premium using these four strategies... with an average case size of $10,589!

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What You'll Learn

  • A simple, 5-step "sales formula" that solves a MAJOR problem for high-income earners (especially in retirement!)
  • How to get them to show up to the appointment already wanting to buy from you
  • The RIGHT way to illustrate cases for them... without overcomplicating the sale
  • The #1 sales approach to consistently get in front of them - over and over again!

Duration: 38 minutes
Topics: Life insurance, annuities, investments

Meet Your Instructor, Dan Tatulli

Dan Tatulli is the Marketing Director at LifePro, an independent marketing organization (IMO) that streamlines financial professionals' sales and marketing efforts. He's the co-creator of the most profitable sales system for LifePro advisors and his marketing strategies have generated over $28,408,764 in sales and commissions.

Dan also serves as a strategic marketing consultant for the LifePro EliteTM, a community of leading insurance and investment financial professionals who consistently perform at the highest level with a minimum requirement of $250,000 annual production.

What Advisors Have Said About the Training

Nick D.
NO BS, straight-forward approach on the available resources out there for advisors like me. This is where the rubber meets the road!

Jennifer L.
This training was extremely valuable! It's process-oriented and you can tell LifePro is the authority when it comes to selling to this market.

Rick D.
This has helped me get up to speed on the latest marketing strategies. It's the most comprehensive presentation I've ever seen!