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Your Back Office

Field Support

Concierge assistance that personally guides you along the way to reach your true potential as a financial advisor.

Case Management

Supervision of all case activity through the underwriting process to make sure it is placed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Advanced Case Design

Development of complex financial strategies made into easy-to-understand solutions from the most popular illustration software.


Access to an experienced veteran who will interface with your client and assist you in securing the sale.

Strategic Marketing

Tactical branding and marketing strategies used by top financial professionals that will bring your business to the next level.

Complete Support

A team of individuals to help you resolve your requests and streamline your business operations for you and your staff.

  • This is a mission-driven company...It's not about just making a lot of money, but it's to make meaning. And that's something that Bill Zimmerman [and LifePro] just exude...   Personal income this year actually exceeded $4 million and I attribute 90% of my success to the support, training, and continual guidance that I get from these folks.

    - Paul, Texas
  • LifePro has always given me   everything I need to do business...They always look to provide customized solutions that I'm looking for with my clients...it really resonates with my clients that they know the depth we put into the process of finding them the right solution.

    - Ed, California
  • With LifePro as my back office, it's given me the ability to focus on doing what I do best: servicing my clients.The less work I do behind-the-scenes, the more money I can make as I stay in front of my clients. This has ultimately led me to spend more time with my family and I am very grateful for that!

    - J.B., Ohio
  • When you're out there in the field and you're competing with other companies and other advisors, to have   the top knowledge available to dispel the mythsand the misinformation out there just puts you in a much more credible position in every situation that you're dealing with.

    - Lynn, Texas

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